Rhino.Inside® brings the power of Rhino to BricsCAD® BIM

November 5, 2019

Grasshopper rhino

Bricsys®, a Hexagon company, has partnered with Robert McNeel and Associates of Seattle, Washington, to leverage their Rhino.Inside® initiative. Bricsys is using Rhino.Inside® to bring the full power of the Rhinoceros NURBS modeler to BricsCAD® BIM V20.

Rhino3D integration enables a new workflow that fills the gap between early-stage conceptual design and Building Information Modeling. Using Rhino’s built-in Grasshopper visual programming language, users can create parametric concept models inside of BricsCAD® BIM.

"Algorithmic modeling tools are often used in the conceptual design phase before BIM tools are involved in the design process. The BricsCAD – Grasshopper connection bridges this gap. Then, using the A.I. functionality in BricsCAD BIM, it’s simple to convert the Rhino model into a full BIM in just a few seconds," commented Tiemen Strobbe, BIM Product Owner at Bricsys®.

Once a design concept is approved, the Rhino model can be “baked” in BricsCAD® BIM, generating native BricsCAD® geometry. This geometry can be converted into a full BIM model, including automatic classification of model elements, using BIMIFY, and the automatic attachment of compositions using the AUTOMATCH tool.

"BIM and Mechanical Design on the same platform, impressive AI features, rich collaboration and visualization tools, from a passionate team of developers, engineers, and architects... we at McNeel are very excited about the integration of Rhino and Grasshopper into BricsCAD BIM," mentioned Carlos Pérez Albà, Business Development Manager at McNeel Europe.

We’re very excited to welcome the 500+ Rhino/Grasshopper applications to the BricsCAD® platform. Visit Food4Rhino to see them all.

You’ll need Rhino 7 WIP to use Rhino.Inside®. Current Rhino 6 license holders can get a Rhino 7 WIP license free of charge.

To help others build on our Rhino integration, we have made it available on the Rhino.Inside® GitHub repository. We see great value in sharing this work with the community. You can download the source code.

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