Civil Engineering

BricsCAD Pro provides civil engineers with a highly customisable solution for civil design projects. Our cost-effective CAD platform offers foundational tools while applications by our trusted third-party developers provide additional features for specialist projects. Our flexible solution reduces project delivery costs, with customers only paying for the tools they need.

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Preliminary corridor design and modelling

Create preliminary corridor designs and models using BricsCAD Pro’s alignment and corridor template tools for linear objects such as roads, cycle paths and retaining walls.

Grading and volume calculations

Import a TIN surface and create a graded surface as well as calculating cut and fill.

Site design and layout

Layout and design your construction site using BricsCAD’s Civil tools and Civil Site Design.

Swept path analysis

Analyse vehicle swept path on roads using BricsCAD’s Civil tools and Autopath by CGS labs.


Designing a mix-use path

Preston Design used BricsCAD Pro and the partner app, Civil Site Design, to design a shared cycling and pedestrian path for Whangarei District Council in New Zealand.

Designing a mix-use path in BricsCAD-2

New approach to CAD

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BricsCAD helps us save money on the purchase and maintenance of our CAD software. It has not only proven to be an alternative to our previous software, but through original developments and functionalities, it brings new approaches and ideas into play.

Franz Dietz, CAD Manager

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On-demand webinars
Discover civil design tools available in BricsCAD

An in depth look at the civil design tools and process used for the site design of the 305 project. We demonstrate our end-to-end civil capabilities using BricsCAD's native features coupled with selected Partner Applications.

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