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Discover BricsCAD®'s Manipulator

Autorius The Bricsys Team 4 min. 2024 m. gegužės 20 d.
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The Manipulator in BricsCAD® is a versatile tool that lets you quickly move, rotate, scale, and mirror selected entities—saving you time and clicks. Let's dive in and discover how you can use the Manipulator to its full potential!

How to Activate the Manipulator in BricsCAD®

Manipulator anchor BricsCAD

By default, the Manipulator activates when you select an entity with a long click. The Manipulator's anchor point automatically positions itself at the grip point closest to where you selected the entity.

Ribbon Access to the Manipulator

You can also access the Manipulator from the Modify panel in the Ribbon. Click on 'Manipulate', select the entity you wish to modify, and press enter.

Trigger Zones

The Manipulator features several trigger zones for different actions. Hovering your cursor over these zones will allow you to initiate specific actions like moving, rotating, or mirroring your selected entity.

Moving Entities Made Easy

Manipulator Move entity in BricsCAD

To move an entity along a specific axis, position your cursor on the axis within the Manipulator and click. This will move the entity in the direction of the selected axis.

Rotating Entities

Rotate 3D solid in BricsCAD

Place your cursor over an arc on the Manipulator to rotate an entity and click. This action rotates the entity.

Free Movement in a Plane

Near the anchor point, you'll find plane swatches. Clicking on one of these allows you to move the entity freely within the selected plane.

Mirroring Entities

mirror entity bricscad

You can mirror the entity by placing the cursor on the tip of an arrow in the Manipulator until you see arrowheads and then click.

Access BricsCAD®'s Manipulator via the Quad

Manipulator Quad Access

Hover over an entity and select The Manipulator from The Quad menu. This action selects the entire entity, highlighted by a blue rectangle.

Moving a Selected Face

Select a Face BricsCAD Manipulator

To select a specific face of a solid entity, hold the control key and click on the desired face; it will be highlighted with an orange rectangle. With a face selected, activate an axis on The Manipulator.

Move face

Moving now will only move the selected face toward the chosen axis. You can specify this movement by picking a point or typing a value.

Prioritizing Face Selection

Prioritize Face Selection

To prioritize selecting faces of solid entities, right-click, navigate to toolbars, choose BricsCAD, then more, and click on selection modes.

Face Selection Bar

Here, activate the 'prioritize selection of faces' option. Now, only the face you chose will be selected when you click on a solid entity. To turn off the face selection, navigate to the selection modes toolbar and click on the entity. Now, the entire entity is selected.

Rotating with Numeric Values

Set numerical value manipulator

To rotate an entity by a specific angle, select the entity, click on the arc to activate rotation, and then type in the desired angle (e.g., 90°) to rotate the entity through that angle.

And there you have it! Now, you know all you need to start using the Manipulator and save yourself valuable design time.

Watch the video!

Watch the tutorial over on the Bricsys YouTube channel to see the BricsCAD's Manipulator in action!

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