4 Tips for Breaking Into the ConTech Sector

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4 Tips for Breaking Into the ConTech Sector

A college degree gives you many versatile skills that you can apply to a range of professions. Channeling those skills into construction and technology is now an opportune career move. On their own, you can consider construction and technology two separate industries. However, when you bring them together, you create ConTech, a fast-growing technology with an array of career options.

Since ConTech holds such vast career potential, now is the time to learn more. Before you get started, though, you'll first need some insight and tips for the process.

What Is ConTech?

ConTech is a broad term that people sometimes conflate with PropTech. Though the two both deal with property, each term has its own meaning.

PropTech (Property Technology) is the use of technology in real estate markets to optimize each stage of buying and selling.

ConTech (Construction Technology), on the other hand, specifically involves the stages leading up to the real estate phase. It incorporates technology into planning, designing, construction, partnerships, general communication, and more.

If you work in ConTech, you'll be creating a more efficient industry. Technology is a powerful thing --- its usage might cut down on resource consumption, material waste, and overall emissions. Wearable technology can also monitor employee health and alert emergency services, if necessary.

ConTech is growing, which is what makes now an ideal time to get into this sector. As technology evolves, so will construction. Breaking into this sector requires some planning but, with the following tips, you'll land an opportunity promptly.

4 Tips for Breaking Into the ConTech Sector- Corridor BIM

Software such as BricsCAD is used by many people in the ConTech industry.

1. Consider Your Specialty

The construction industry incorporates countless jobs and employs over 11.2 million people in the United States. Construction is on track to add trillions of dollars in value to its market in the next four years and ConTech opens up this already broad sector and adds even more specialties. The first step when getting into this field is to zero in on which specialty interests you the most.

For construction, you can choose from residential or commercial, then break it down into specific fields like urban planning, contracting, and engineering. Once you have an idea of your specialty, you can look into the ConTech that it entails. For instance, architects often use software such as BricsCAD BIM.

It's important to keep in mind that you don't have to know exactly what you want to do right now. You can start in one specialty and change your mind.

4 Tips for Breaking Into the ConTech Sector- drone-3453361 1920-800x518

Drones can be used for safety inspections

2. Understand Emerging Technologies

AR and VR are quickly becoming critical tools in the ConTech industry. With them, you can create an immersive virtual building or structure, which will help you see any problems or pitfalls before the building phase commences.

The use of drones for inspection is another emerging technology. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) can reach dangerous areas that would be a risk for people. They can capture live photos and videos, and inspect the building for any faults.

You can also work with 3D printing, which has become an industry on its own. ConTech professionals can now print entire houses or buildings.

Prefabrication is another example of a flourishing tech-based dynamic. Instead of transporting materials back and forth from the warehouse to the site, you can construct the building in a factory, which also cuts down on vehicle emissions in the process.

Predictive analytics could also optimize any process that uses equipment. With Predictive analytics, sensors track the performance of machinery and report back. Then, the business can save money and quickly fix any issues before they require an expensive replacement.

3. Acquire Experience

In this technological day and age, experience comes in all forms. Using online resources is without question one of the most accessible and affordable. However, a degree is the most secure way to boost your resume in ConTech.

Architecture, urban planning, and engineering are common majors for this industry. However, you can also take your education in new directions, like financing, real estate, or even marketing. The key with schooling is to make sure it's a tech-heavy program.

STEM students will already have a leg up in this race. Coming from any of these backgrounds gives you a boost, since they're all necessary subjects for construction. For instance, engineering gives you experience with material strength and bending momentum.

Or, you can work on internships or apprenticeships, building the hands-on experience that will stand out on a resume.

4 Tips for Breaking Into the ConTech Sector- Gis-Piran-Flooding3-800x441

GIS data can be used to map out flood planes before construction begins.

4. Market Yourself Right

Remember that when applying for jobs, it can take a while to land the perfect job, but don't underestimate the power you hold. A few skills can make or break your qualifications.

For instance, you'll want to put all the programs and software you know how to use on your resume. Certifications from OSHA or any other courses will stand out as well.

However, remember that you can also market your skills from other backgrounds and courses.

Ready for a ConTech Career?

With such promising potential in all aspects of technology, this sector can continue to take off with the right talent behind it.

ConTech is critical for the world. It saves money, provides better services for customers and owners, and may ultimately reduce the amount of waste the construction industry produces. ConTech is a triple threat, through and through.

With the above steps, you can begin your journey into this revolutionary sector. Any opportunities you find will be the gateway to great achievements.


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