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Leading French survey firm, Operandi, integrates BricsCAD® Pro into their technology toolset

Operandi, a leading French survey firm, switched to BricsCAD® Pro to deliver landmark survey projects across the city of Lyon.

Operandi using BricsCAD

Operandi switched out their legacy CAD for BricsCAD® Pro, a key part of their multi-vendor technology toolset used to deliver landmark survey projects across the city of Lyon. With seamless 2D/3D DWG interoperability and the ability to import and export other industry file formats, the company could easily integrate BricsCAD into its multi-vendor workflow.

Operandi is a Survey company based in Lyon, France, with expertise in urban development from architectural surveys and model creation to topographical surveys and plot divisions.

The Challenge

With increased licensing costs from their existing CAD vendor, including a move to named licensing, Operandi's search for an alternative CAD solution had the additional challenge of integrating with their complex technology toolset.

Operandi uses survey instruments from Leica and other manufacturers, alongside specialist processing software to merge and create highly detailed models as part of their diverse service offerings. Additional software could also be used to deliver the final output, depending on the customer's requirements. As such, any alternative CAD solution would need to integrate into their workflows seamlessly.

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The Solution

The task of finding an alternative CAD was given to two graduates who reviewed the company's needs and available alternative solutions. After a detailed assessment of existing integration requirements and the functionality needed within the CAD software, BricsCAD® came out as the best solution to their needs.

The company's CAD workflow would typically involve editing and marking up models created from field data. The scanned data would normally be collected using Leica instrumentation and stitched together in Cyclone REGISTER 360, with further processing taking place in CloudWorx before being edited in their CAD software. This workflow would vary depending on the use of other instrumentation.

Following the review project's outcome, some longstanding employees were concerned that the change would impact their productivity. However, after a short period of adapting to the change, they found they were as productive as before.

The leadership team at Operandi recommends involving the employees as much as possible in deciding to support the adoption process, as they all understand the motivation for the change.

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The most important aspect of the move for the leadership team was that the change to BricsCAD® didn't interfere with the complex multi-vendor workflows. They successfully transitioned and benefited from savings, representing 3.5% of their total revenue – equivalent to the company's entire employee profit-sharing plan.

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