A Different Approach to Building Information Modeling

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BIM for CAD users

BricsCAD BIM combines the best of design modelling, documentation, and BIM capabilities into one, familiar DWG-based system, enabling firms in the building industry to transition safely and easily from CAD to BIM.

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In BricsCAD BIM, design decisions come first, and machine learning algorithms automate the laborious tasks of manipulating BIM data, documentation, and levels of detail.

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2D & 3D

You can find a flexible, direct modeling tool and a professional CAD product in the same DWG platform. Design geometry can directly be converted to BIM elements.

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CAD Software

A safe path to BIM for CAD users without the disruption of learning a traditional BIM system. Spending less on software and training while avoiding performance dips during transition lowers the barriers to entry.

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BricsCAD BIM leverages the power of solid CAD modeling that supports flexible design, BIM, and the accuracy needed by engineers and manufacturers, opening the possibility of linking BIM with fabrication workflows in the BricsCAD Ultimate package.

The BricsCAD end-to-end BIM workflow

Find out how BricsCAD BIM enables an end-to-end workflow for design, construction documentation, and manufactured building products.

Design Freedom

Experience design freedom with a 3D workflow not limited by pre-defined parts or libraries components. Use intuitive push-pull direct modeling to sculpt your mass-model concept. Your model remains light and responsive, because it’s not over-loaded or over-constrained.

“If you’re an engineer who is used to working in 2D, it is much easier to start working in 3D with BricsCAD than with any other tool, because you can just follow the same intuitive pattern.”


Hristo Guentchev, Managing Director at Prototyp

Explore our third-party applications

The Bricsys Collective™ brings our premier third-party application developers together to offer the solutions for structural engineering and analysis, building mechanical systems, photoreal rendering and algorithmic design.

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