BricsCAD® V21 delivers new levels of CAD innovation

27 de octubre de 2020

BricsCAD V21 PR image

Bricsys announces the release of the latest version of the BricsCAD® family of CAD products – BricsCAD V21. It delivers more speed, power, flexibility and performance than ever, and will modernize the way that you use CAD tools.

In this latest release, BricsCAD® V21 dramatically boosts CAD software performance and delivers extensive in-product collaboration capabilities.

Jan Jolly, BricsCAD Product Owner, commented: "I believe that BricsCAD V21 shows how we keep investing in both 2D and 3D workflows. We constantly refactor and enhance existing commands, and work hard to add time-saving new functionality. The majority of the changes that we made in V21 were driven by our user community. I’m excited to see how these innovations will be received."

There are hundreds of new commands, enhancements, and fixes in the BricsCAD V21 products. Here are just a few of them:

Direct Modeling

Create more complex geometry, leveraging our multi-threaded Direct Modeling engine. We give you the freedom to model freely, with no command inputs, thanks to the power of BricsCAD’s multi-function Manipulator. In V21, we’ve increased geometry coverage with variable radius fillets and asymmetric chamfers.

Parametric Modeling

You can drive both 2D and 3D entities with BricsCAD's powerful parametric engine. BricsCAD’s advanced Parametric Blocks functionality delivers re-usable geometry that can be defined once, and used many times, in multiple sizes and orientations. Creating these reusable elements can be accelerated with the new AUTOCONSTRAIN tool. It automatically adds constraints to a selected set of entities. You can make use of geometry-driven constraints to create advanced parametric components, and build kinematic parametric models.

Drawing Optimizations & Point Clouds

Bricsys delivers new A.I. and machine learning tools that can help you create more accurate data in record time. Clean up 2D drawings with the new OPTIMIZE command. The SIMPLIFY workflow reduces the number of vertices in polylines and hatch boundaries, automatically, without changing their shape or accuracy.

The BricsCAD team refactored V21’s Point Cloud pre-processing engine to deliver up to 5x faster performance. New view bubbles increase Point Cloud resolution at the scan positions, and BricsCAD’s scan-to-BIM workflow makes a major leap forward with floor and room detection.


With the Bricsys® 24/7 cloud-based Common Data Environment (CDE), you can collaborate and share your designs across the globe, around the clock. 24/7 lets you work together with your colleagues, securely, across the globe.You can easily communicate and share documents with the right people, at the right time, using 24/7’s role-based permission system.

BricsCAD® users can access the BricsCAD® Cloud to store and share drawings, from inside of BricsCAD®, thanks to an in-product collaboration panel. BricsCAD® Cloud is easy to access and administer, without ever leaving the CAD environment.

A Simplified Product Line

To ensure that BricsCAD is as easy to buy as it is to own, we’ve simplified the BricsCAD product family. In V21, BricsCAD consists of four editions: BricsCAD Lite, BricsCAD Pro, BricsCAD BIM and BricsCAD Mechanical.

  • BricsCAD Lite offers familiar 2D CAD drafting functionality with powerful LISP customization.

  • BricsCAD Pro is the geometry engine for the DWG-based CAD revolution. First, it handles the 2D drafting workflows you need today. Next, it contains a powerful 3D constraint engine with automatic parameterization, to speed the transition to 3D modelling. And BricsCAD Pro supports over 400 3rd-party Application programs to speed industry-specific workflows.

  • BricsCAD BIM offers a comprehensive building design and documentation workflow that focuses on “Design First”. Start in 3D, stay in 3D throughout the BIM workflow with BricsCAD BIM.

  • BricsCAD Mechanical delivers advanced mechanical assembly design tools, manufacturing documentation creation and automated Bills of Materials, all in a familiar interface, and all in DWG.

There’s a lot more in BricsCAD® V21 – come visit us, and learn more about the newest versions of BricsCAD® at

The best way to learn about BricsCAD V21? Come and re-live the Bricsys Digital Summit sessions to see the latest BricsCAD features and workflows, and hear from our expert product specialists.

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