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Novedades de BricsCAD® Lite y Pro V24.2

Por The Bricsys Team 4 min 25 de marzo de 2024
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In the latest update, BricsCAD® V24.2 brings many new and enhanced features to elevate your 2D drawing creation. We have introduced a more intuitive user experience, improved performance and stability, and added new and enhanced features to boost your productivity further. This release delivers workflows to facilitate the precision and versatility you need for your 2D drafting and design projects to run smoothly. 

2D Drafting Enhancements

BricsCAD<sup>®</sup> Pro V24.2 - 2D Drafting Enhancements

With V24.2, we've worked to make your drafting and design processes easier. To help your drafting run smoothly, we made improvements to: 

  • Sheet Set Manager: We've improved the Sheet Set Manager so you can preview DST files faster, add new sheets quicker, save model views, and delete V ports that will automatically be removed from the list.
  • Custom Paper Size Management: It's also now possible to manage custom paper sizes with full support for PMP files.
  • Nested Purge Access: The PURGE command was enhanced to allow dialog access to the Nested Purge functionality so you can run it from the Purge command or via the Drawing Health Manager.
  • We also added a new "Hide Objects" flag to the status bar to help users find hidden entities in just a few clicks!

Increased DWG and Drawing Compatibility

BricsCAD<sup>®</sup> Pro V24.2 - Drawing Compatibility

One of the key improvements to BricsCAD V24.2 is its enhanced DWG and drawing compatibility. Our focus was on the highest DWG compatibility to ensure that the drawings you create can be opened and edited in other DWG based CAD tools so you can collaborate effortlessly. You'll find:

  • Improved Dynamic Blocks: we focused on improving how BricsCAD handles AutoCAD® Dynamic Blocks. D-Block grips perform as expected when stretching and mirroring.
  • Improved Rotation Parameters: Dynamic Block's rotation attributes remain correctly preserved whilst direction attributes are rotated accordingly.
  • Improved MLeaders: we upped DWG fidelity by improving how M Leaders behave. When you change an MLeader in BricsCAD, the existing MLeaders will update and their attributes are preserved. Similarly, if you redefine a block used in an MLeader, the MLeader will have the updated attributes.


Greater Speed, Precision, and Accuracy with Performance Improvements

BricsCAD<sup>®</sup> Pro V24.2 - Performance Improvements

Performance is at the heart of BricsCAD V24.2's enhancements. We've worked to help you save time and make BricsCAD more stable to ensure you don't lose precious data, and so the software behaves as you expect. You can look forward to:

  • Managing XRefs easier: now, you can detach an XRef with zero references without the need to unload it first.
  • Quicker display of color-map point clouds: change between color schemes faster, especially when the auto-apply option is checked - saving you time and clicks!
  • Load Large Drawings faster: With prop object limits, you can set a limit value so when you "Select all", the properties panel lets you know when the limit is reached. You can then ignore the limit or change it.


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