13 de marzo de 2023 3 min

El Administrador de recuperación de dibujos BriscCAD después de un crash

Los crash son poco probables en BricsCAD®, pero pueden ocurrir. Recrear archivos perdidos lleva mucho tiempo y es frustrante, por lo que lo tenemos cubierto para evitarle el dolor. El Administrador de recuperación de dibujos en BricsCAD lo ayuda a recuperar el trabajo perdido después de un crash con unos pocos clics, manteniendo sus dibujos sanos y salvos. ¡Siga leyendo para averiguar cómo!

23 de noviembre de 2022 5 min

How Technology Can Overcome the Top Challenges in Construction

New technology solutions continue to improve productivity and efficiency on construction sites around the world. However, upgraded design software can only push these improvements so far. To truly overcome the construction industry’s top challenges, the sectors’ professionals - architects, engineers, contractors and building owners - must embrace innovative solutions that provide the tools for stronger and better collaboration.

13 de abril de 2022 3 min

An Implementation Consultant’s view of BricsCAD in the BIM World

If you have ever discussed French wine, the one word that always stands out is ‘Terroir’... During my recent visit to BIM World, I spent some time roaming the show floor trying to decipher what was on offer. The one word that stood out was ‘BIM’.

So, let’s look at Terroir and see how we might approach the design of a winery using some BIM principles and, of course, BricsCAD!

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