CAD landscape design software - Why is it a game changer?

Por Kelsey Grant 4 min 2 de febrero de 2022
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CAD landscape design software is one of the most widely used programs for landscape architecture, enabling landscape architects and designers to expedite landscape design and drafting. In today's competitive market, CAD garden design software is a vital part of the landscape architect's toolbox, enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly while giving clients a more visual insight into the result.

Whether you're designing commercial gardens, backyards, patios, decks, or outer buildings, various CAD garden design programs can make it challenging to know the best landscape design software. Let's look at some of the best features of BricsCAD software for landscaping.

Easily create revisions

One of the significant holdbacks in a landscape designer's workflow is recreating revisions, often leading to going back to the drawing board from scratch. Unlike hand-drawn landscape designs, BricsCAD enables landscape architects to make multiple design changes quickly. Powerful display performance allows users to zoom in on the finer details, utilizing the Redway 3D graphics system to deliver graphics in 3D.

Using Quick commands to speed up the design process

Powered by advanced machine learning technologies, BricsCAD's innovative design tools can accelerate design tasks that can take hours via manual methods. Parameter blocks automate repetitive tasks by enabling users to create one block instead of multiple individual items.

The intuitive direct modeling functionality enables users to edit solid and surface geometry. One of the best features is that solids can be imported into BricsCAD software from other modeling programs and can still be edited using the BricsCAD direct modeling tools.

Specialized landscaping tools at your fingertips

BricsCAD software has a huge catalog of third-party applicationswhich can be seamlessly added to your BricsCAD program to create a customized CAD garden design toolset with everything you need.

The BricsCad Runtime extension enables top application developers to build industry-specific toolsets and workflows specifically for BricsCAD, helping landscape architects get their work done more efficiently, faster, and more accurately.

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A fast and seamless workflow

Are you working with different file types? BricsCAD communicator seamlessly imports CAD and PMI data from all the major CAD programs and exports industry-standard 3D file formats.

File types include:

  • Sketchup
  • Images
  • PDF

A vast catalog of symbols

Save time manually drawing everyday objects by utilizing BricsCAD's catalog of things. Users can also generate data maps, create shadows cast by plants and walls, use a variety of markers and arrows for readability, and substitute blocks freely.

Create multiple design iterations in a fraction of the time, enabling you to get a competitive edge when presenting design mockups to clients against competitors.

Streamline teamwork on commercial landscaping projects

Modern commercial landscaping projects often take a team of experts to complete the project, from civil and structural engineers to landscape architects and fabrication experts. A complex project does not unfold on a linear timeline and can take a lot of back-and-forth decisions and editing of the base design, meaning things can become disorganized fast.

BricsCAD software makes commercial landscaping projects more streamlined by enabling multiple collaborators to access and edit designs while on the go, tracking changes efficiently. When working with complex geometries that require precision, different teams can zoom in on design specifics, minimizing the margin for error.

Meet industry standards

Modern-day sustainability requirements mean complex systems are often required for water management and recycling. Create complex models within the parameters of your design space and easily communicate this with contractors when needed.

Palm trees image

All the familiar tools of AutoCAD®

Are you already used to working with AutoCAD® for landscape design? BricsCAD is much more than an AutoCAD® alternative, offering more functionality at a fraction of the cost.

What's more, BricsCAD tools are instantly recognizable to AutoCAD® users, meaning there's no need to waste time trying to get familiar with a new tool.

Overall, CAD landscape design software is essential for any modern landscape architect looking to streamline operations and stay competitive. Not only do BricsCAD's tools speed up the design process and automate manual tasks, but they also enable you to provide early mock-ups and design insights to clients that minimize the risk of being sent back to the drawing board later down the line.

Communicate more efficiently with multi-disciplinary teams by opening up your design information seamlessly while easily importing and exporting plans to a range of other file types. If CAD landscape design software still needs to be added to your landscape architect toolbox, it's time to take action.

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El Administrador de recuperación de dibujos BriscCAD después de un crash

Los crash son poco probables en BricsCAD®, pero pueden ocurrir. Recrear archivos perdidos lleva mucho tiempo y es frustrante, por lo que lo tenemos cubierto para evitarle el dolor. El Administrador de recuperación de dibujos en BricsCAD lo ayuda a recuperar el trabajo perdido después de un crash con unos pocos clics, manteniendo sus dibujos sanos y salvos. ¡Siga leyendo para averiguar cómo!

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