STRABAG SE uses BricsCAD along the entire construction process

STRABAG SE, Austria’s premier building construction and engineering organization, has elected BricsCAD as their trusted CAD software.

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With over 120 years experience, STRABAG SE is Austria’s premier building construction and engineering organization. Their Central Technical Division, a staff unit of STRABAG SE, supports the operational divisions along the entire construction process by providing innovative solutions in construction management and building physics.

The Team Product Conception and Management CAD supports all STRABAG-Group users working with DWG drawings. The company has elected BricsCAD as their trusted CAD software and now has over 150 network licenses.

“We use BricsCAD in different ways: as a viewer for .dwg drawings, for adopting and printing .dwg, and for creating new 2D drawings. BricsCAD is a good product and a good fit for many of our users working with CAD drawings - especially for our international users, who benefit from BricsCAD’s multilingualism,” explained Jan Marcinski, Group Manager of Product Conception and Management.

Implementing BricsCAD
STRABAG SE decided to switch to BricsCAD because it was a cost-effective alternative to their other CAD software. By choosing BricsCAD, the company could still work in native .dwg and at the same time, could own the licenses outright.

The company tested BricsCAD extensively before making it available for all users nationally and internationally. “We provided a BricsCAD introduction to our users and gave them the option to use BricsCAD while still having the other software available. Today, we recommend BricsCAD when our users ask for CAD software,” Mr. Marcinski explained.

The CAD-team watches the software market very carefully. They regularly introduce new products, prepare updates for software that is currently installed, and replace outdated software.

“For us, every change to our software is a project that has to be implemented professionally. After testing, we provide all information about the product to our users,” commented Daniela Matschke, a member of the team.

Support requests
STRABAG SE utilizes Bricsys’ online Help Center and support desk, which includes articles and tutorials on BricsCAD, and enables users to submit questions, report issues, and contribute to the Bricsys community.

“Our users are happy with BricsCAD, but they occasionally have support requests,” said Mrs. Matschke. “Most of these cases deal with practical issues using the program or result from importing drawings from other programs (interface problems). In general, Bricsys’ service and support is very reliable and professional. We continue to be well supported and our support tickets are answered within days.”

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