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Erik De Keyser

CEO at Bricsys

Luc De Batselier

CTO at Bricsys

Dmitry Ushakov

CEO at Bricsys Technologies Russia

Hans De Backer

Hans is the Head of Software Development at Bricsys. CAD software development is his passion; he’s been doing it for thirty years. At Bricsys, Hans leads the team that builds the core BricsCAD application, and the APIs on which the 3rd party add-ons and modules (like BIM and Sheet Metal) are built. In his free time he loves to play his bass guitar. Hans also enjoys designing and building furniture.

Tjerk Gauderis

Tjerk is a Research & Development Specialist for BricsCAD BIM. He leads two BIM development teams: one focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence and another responsible for incorporating Structural and MEP elements. He researches and brainstorms around product design, creates development timelines, reviews code and mentors his junior colleagues. In his spare time, Tjerk likes to write code, too.

Jurgen Schepers

As a youngster, Jurgen was drawn to computers. He learned programming at an early age. Later on, he developed a keen interest in servers and networks. Jurgen is always first in line to try out new technologies. As the Product Manager for Chapoo, he helps the product development team implement customer-requested features while focussing on user friendliness and great product performance.

Alexey Kazakov

Alexey is our Chief Technology Officer at Bricsys Technologies Russia. He is involved daily with the development team for BricsCAD Platinum and its vertical market modules. He helps design new functionality for our users, as well as defining software architecture and managing the development process. Alexey’s personal work is concentrated around 3d constraints, parametric components, component-based features and BricsCAD’s direct modeling tools.

Kevin Settlemyre

BIM Expert

Don Strimbu

Don’s background is in mechanical design. He started using that “other” .dwg-based CAD system back in 1984, and joined that “other” .dwg-based CAD company in 1988. He worked there for 27 years before he came to his senses and joined Bricsys. Now, as VP Communications at Bricsys, he says: “I have the best job ever”, because he loves seeing people get excited about the BricsCAD value proposition. In his spare time, Don enjoys landscape photography, wine and music.

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