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This was Bricsys 2017

A gathering for CAD, BIM and mechanical design experts from around the world.

25 October 2017 // Paris, France

bricsys 2017

What did people think?

R.K. McSwain

bricsys future

Live demos going very well at #Bricsys2017. No canned pre-edited scripts. #BricsCAD

Randall S. Newton

bricsys community

If you think cursor utility in drafting has been solved, you haven't seen BricsCAD v18. Makes drafting in 3D MUCH easier. #Bricsys2017


bricsys products

BricsCAD only system that will allow intelligent model of both arch and mech (e.g. lift assy) in 1 system & file format - DWG! #bricsys2017

Steve Johnson

bricsys developers

Erik talking about VR in huge plant - demo about to start. Whole huge plant in VR? Shut up and take my money.