Survey users of BricsCAD® have workflows turbocharged with the launch of a new survey application

June 15, 2023

MicroSurvey for BricsCAD Image

Announced at HxGN Live in Las Vegas, SurveyTools™ for BricsCAD® is an all-in-one solution for surveying workflows by MicroSurvey®. The solution combines the powerful surfacing and point cloud tools in BricsCAD with a complete suite of survey tools for land surveyors, all in our familiar CAD interface.

The combined solution includes leading technology from MicroSurvey, Bricsys® and the trusted industry partner, Leica Geosystems. As Hexagon companies, we work together to enhance day-to-day workflows between our solutions. Land surveyors will benefit from this collaboration by accelerating their productivity with industry-specific tools developed by surveyors for surveyors while benefiting from BricsCAD’s AI‐driven drafting tools and Point Cloud workflows.

The unique offering is developed with data integrity at its heart. The solution offers a complete audit trail for imported field data and calculated survey points. When working with large Point Cloud data, BricsCAD’s tools intelligently filter data when creating lightweight surfaces without compromising the model’s accuracy.

MicroSurvey Tools for BricsCAD: Point Cloud to TINSurveyTools for BricsCAD: Point Cloud to TIN

Rick Ellis, the Product Owner for the Civil and Survey tools in BricsCAD, revealed the collaboration between Bricsys and Microsurvey at a packed keynote in Las Vegas. Demonstrating key workflows and customer benefits, he concluded with a quote from one of the companies that participated in developing the new applications.

“Integrating SurveyTools with BricsCAD promises to revolutionize our workflow, offering efficiency and the convenience of a single platform catering to all our requirements. This solution enables us to seamlessly handle topography, legal drafting, boundary calculations, point clouds, GIS data, grading and site plans. I'm excited for the opportunity to transition from other software that I've been a loyal user of for over a decade. Bricsys and MicroSurvey offer a new and innovative experience, and I am thrilled to explore their capabilities.” Brad Leduc, Drafting Team Lead.

MicroSurvey Tools for BricsCAD: Survey PointsSurveyTools for BricsCAD: Survey Points

Following the announcement of the release, Rahul Kejriwal, CEO at Bricsys, adds,

“This announcement is a real boon for Bricsys; it showcases BricsCAD at its best, as a powerful native DWG CAD platform with robust APIs that developers can use to create incredible value for their users. We look forward to more surveyors, civil engineers, GIS specialists and other professionals discovering the best DWG-based CAD alternative.”

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