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Dook Techniek chooses BricsCAD Mechanical to support its machine-building operations

Jos Tacke, Founder at Dook Techniek, decided on BricsCAD Mechanical because it contains all the tools he needs as a machine builder: sheet metal, support for 2D drawing and 3D modeling, and various materials.

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Dook Techniek is a small company in the Netherlands founded in 2008 by Jos Tacke. Initially, Jos worked mainly in electrical engineering, PLC programming and renewable energy. Over the years, the company has moved more and more towards mechanical engineering and mechatronics.

"The clientele is very diverse: from production companies to interior builders and trading companies," said Jos Tacke, the Founder of Dook Techniek. "You always have to deal with new or different preconditions and circumstances, and that requires ingenuity."

Design process
Jos enthusiastically discussed his current project: "This is a label press that I am making for a customer. I received the 3D design, as well as the mechanical parts and now I will ensure they are assembled. We will then build the controls, hydraulic, electrical and safety facilities in consultation with the customer."

During the visit, there was another machine under construction. "It will be an extrusion machine for a soap manufacturer," explained Jos. "In addition to soap-making products, they also supply raw materials and machines for candle production. I designed and produced various machines and controls for it too."

The role of CAD software
Digital transformation made Jos realize the importance of CAD software in his industry. "When I first started, I barely used CAD software and often received ready-made drawings with dimensions from my clients," said Mr. Tacke. "Nowadays, I receive a digital drawing by e-mail and I can easily extract all the necessary data myself. It also means that I have to keep my digital skills up-to-date."

The transition to BricsCAD Mechanical
In the past, Dook Techniek used AutoCAD® LT to support its operations. However, Jos was looking for a 3D package for mechanical engineering and was available as a perpetual license. That's when CADkoop, an official BricsCAD reseller, highlighted the potential of BricsCAD Mechanical and made Jos made a switch.

"The transition to BricsCAD went surprisingly well and the installation was quick and smooth," said Jos. "I uploaded a 2D drawing and in less than 30 minutes, I had already created a 3D model. I succeeded even with my limited 3D CAD experience."

Mr. Tacke discussed his reasoning for choosing BricsCAD: "I eventually decided on BricsCAD Mechanical because it contains all the tools I need as a machine builder: sheet metal, support for 2D drawing and 3D modeling, various materials. Moreover, everything works in DWG. Besides BricsCAD Mechanical, I also bought the Communicator for BricsCAD to import and export STEP files."

Using CAD software in the future
"I expect to work more and more with BricsCAD," said Jos. "The better my drawings are, the more time I save with them. The BricsCAD tutorials significantly help me with my self-study. In case I can't figure something out, I can quickly get in touch with my contact at CADkoop. In brief; I am highly satisfied with my choice!"

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