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BricsCAD simplifies the design process at Fiskeby

Fiskeby, one of Europe’s leading packaging board manufacturers, uses BricsCAD for the design of its industrial process equipment.

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Upon its founding in Sweden in 1637, Fiskeby was one of the first paper mills in Europe. Today, it is one of Europe’s leading packaging board manufacturers, and the only company in Scandinavia to manufacture packaging board made of 100% recovered fiber.

All Fiskeby products, including its Multiboard, are manufactured in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner to protect Earth’s resources for future generations. Fiskeby’s Dennis Lundqvist, responsible for the control system and automation of projects, explained why the company chose BricsCAD and how it is used for the design of its industrial process equipment.

“We make mechanical, electrical, and process designs (P&ID) for our own factory,” said Dennis Lundqvist, Fiskeby Automation Engineer. Our teams use BricsCAD as a 2D drawing tool with Insyde add-ons for electrical and process design.”

Fiskeby's move to BricsCAD
The driving force behind Fiskeby’s move to BricsCAD was affordability and licensing, and BricsCAD’s integration with Insyde, a Swedish documentation tool developer.

“Before changing to BricsCAD we used AutoCAD® for mechanical design, ELPROCAD for electrical design and AutoCAD® P&ID for process design,” said Lundqvist.

“When we invested in the asset and documentation design tool Insyde, we decided to switch to BricsCAD, as its third-party integrations made it possible to use one affordable CAD platform for all our mechanical, electrical, and process design needs.

“With the option of a perpetual licensing model, switching to BricsCAD also made economic sense,” said Lundqvist.

After a brief adjustment period, the Fiskeby team started to identify the advantages of using BricsCAD.

“BricsCAD is fast, and in my experience, has no bugs,” said Lundqvist. “Together with network licenses, which float across our corporate network, and an excellent support knowledge base, BricsCAD is our CAD tool of choice.”

The company is also looking at other 3D technologies it could integrate in the future. “Within Fiskeby, we see a potential future use of BricsCAD to edit point clouds from 3D scans, as 3D scanning technology becomes more and more accessible,” concluded Lundqvist.

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