BricsCAD fuels the fast design of service stations for Q8 Italy

When Italian company Q8 went looking for a new CAD solution to help in the development and re-design of their thousands of service stations, they had a very specific capability wish list.

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Their search for a product that could match very specific criteria proved difficult and lengthy, until they found BricsCAD. BricsCAD’s .dwg compatibility, cost-effective licencing, VBA and .NET customisability, and the ability to run on a virtual desktop interface fitted the bill perfectly.


Kuwait Petroleum Italia S.p.A, better known under the "Q8" brand, is one of the leading operators in the Italian fuels distribution market. It serves the Italian market through a network of about 2,800 service stations across the country.

With such expansive operations, continuous re-design and maintenance of these service stations is needed. Q8’s in-house development team employ a large number of external companies for this work, which involves not only architectural design, but also the creation and modification of electrical, electronic and mechanical systems.

To achieve the demanding task of keeping their facilities up to date, Q8 and their design consultants started looking for an alternative CAD solution that could effectively meet their extensive and specific requirements.


Many solutions were trialled in Q8’s search for a versatile CAD platform that could align with their philosophy and remote working practices, as well as numerous other criteria such as flexible licensing and .dwg compatibility. After a thorough search, BricsCAD was the only CAD solution found that could tick all the boxes.

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BricsCAD’s low cost of purchase and ownership enabled Q8 to purchase several dozen licences with a limited budget. The familiar and intuitive user experience ensured a fast ramp up to full productivity for the team of design consultants. By automating parts of the design process in BricsCAD, such as job accounting and creating supplier code-specific equipment purchase lists, the team can meet tight deadlines faster. Crucial to this process is the ability to use BricsCAD to programme in VBA and .NET .

BricsCAD’s compatibility with virtual computer systems means all technical staff within Q8’s engineering sector can now access BricsCAD through the company’s virtual desktop interface. Most importantly, BricsCAD is also completely compatible with the standard .DWG format delivered by their design consultants.

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With their new 2D design workflows working seamlessly, Q8 is investigating the move to a 3D design environment, starting with updates to motorway service areas. By using models containing information such as make, model, serial number, and date of installation, Q8 will achieve further efficiency gains in the future with BricsCAD.

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  • Region: Italy

  • Industry: Oil & Gas

  • Company name: Q8