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Bricsys verwelkomt Robert Green als Director of Implementation

Minder dan een jaar geleden verwelkomde Bricsys Robert Green als onze eerste Bricsys Certified Migration Consultant. Vandaag zijn we erg verheugd om aan te kondigen dat Robert zich fulltime bij Bricsys zal voegen als onze Director of Implementation. Hij zal verantwoordelijk zijn voor het technische en financiële succes van klanten bij hun migratie naar BricsCAD®. Het is een formidabele taak die perfect past bij Robert's vaardigheden.

His focus will be on developing a team of world-class migration experts to help CAD users move quickly and smoothly to the best .dwg-based CAD system available today. Robert’s deep domain knowledge will also be in demand by our development teams, as they work to simplify the installation, customization and management of the BricsCAD® family of products.

In his own words: “Why Bricsys, you may ask? Because I like the company, their products and their people. From the first time I visited the Bricsys offices in Ghent, I couldn’t help but feel their joy in building great products that do mechanical, BIM and CAD in a consistent, .dwg-based product workflow. This company is doing things that I believe will change the CAD market, and I want to be a part of that!”

For those of you who have followed Robert’s CAD Management columns over the years, don’t despair – his love for CAD management (and his fondness for writing) will continue unabated. Please join us in welcoming Robert Green to Bricsys.