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Mar 19, 2019

Bricsys Welcomes Jeroen Walhof as Director, Global Application Partner Development

The Bricsys organization is excited to welcome Jeroen Walhof as our Director of Global Application Partner Development. Prior to joining Bricsys, Jeroen spent ten years at Tech Soft 3D where he acted as the partner development manager for AutodeskⓇ AutoCADⓇ OEM product.

Mr. Walhof was born and raised in the Netherlands. After graduating as a structural engineer from HTS Tilburg, he traveled to the United States and took a job with a US-based fire protection sprinkler company in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and never looked back. Over the last thirty-two years, Jeroen has worked as a CAD user in the fire protection industry and as a custom kitchen designer.

Today, he is approaching CAD technology from the other side of the table, helping software developers move to the BricsCADⓇ Solution Build (BSB) as a delivery platform for their custom CAD applications.

Unlike other OEM products, BSB offers developers the ability to deliver a full edition of BricsCADⓇ as the foundation for their applications. This gives end users the ability to install a single CAD product that hosts the developer’s application and while offering the full feature set of BricsCADⓇ.