Twinmotion offers real-time, immersive 3D architectural visualization, using the power of Unreal Engine from Epic Games. Twinmotion is the perfect choice for architecture, construction, urban planning and landscaping professionals. It is not only easy to use, thanks to its intuitive icon-driven interface, but it is also easy to learn. You will be amazed how quickly your CAD or BIM model can become a real-time experience. All your BricsCAD model data can be exported, using the Datasmith plugin for Unreal Engine.

Benefits of Twinmotion

High quality, real-time rendering

Production of high-quality images, panoramas and videos, both standard or 360 degree VR

Includes over 600 physically based rendering (PBR) materials that react to your environment



Enscape is a real-time rendering plugin for BricsCAD. With a single click, you can start Enscape in seconds and walk through your fully rendered model. There is no need to export data, as changes made in BricsCAD BIM are reflected immediately in Enscape™. This makes it possible for clients to participate in design review sessions, and give detailed feedback on design changes in real time.


Benefits of Enscape™

Real-time rendering, through a live link to BricsCAD. This allows real-time walk-through of your design, and changes made in BricsCAD are immediately visible in Enscape

Image and video rendering can be initiated with a single click, even for 360° Panorama Views


Lumion is 3D rendering software, made especially for architects and designers. If you have a 3D model of your design, Lumion can help you quickly bring it to life and show it in a richly detailed, captivating environment. No matter how you want to convey the beauty of your design, Lumion can help you do it yourself, quickly and without specialized training.

Benefits of Lumion

Real-time rendering of your BricsCAD model

Change your 3D model in BricsCAD, and instantly view the changes in Lumion


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