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Watch Bricsys 2019

By Rose Barfield 2 min October 22, 2019
Watch Bricsys 2019

On Wednesday 9th October the Bricsys 2019 conference kicked off at the Brewery, Stockholm. Don’t worry, if you couldn’t make it, you can catch up with all the action or relive the BricsCAD keynotes from the comfort of your sofa. So make yourself a hot drink and settle down for some inspiring talks.

Watch Bricsys 2019- BricsCAD-V20-300x169What's new in V20 keynote

Hans De Backer, Heidi Hewett and Robert Green show you what's new in BricsCAD V20 core. We promise that you'll love what we bring to the table with the latest version of BricsCAD!

Watch Bricsys 2019- BricsCAD-BIM-300x169The BricsCAD BIM keynote

The product leaders for BricsCAD BIM take you through the entire 3D workflow, from concept to construction.

The BricsCAD Mechanical keynoteWatch Bricsys 2019- BricsCAD-Mechanical-300x169

The BricsCAD Mechanical development team demo the latest and greatest additions to our MCAD workflow.

The Bricsys 24/7 keynoteWatch Bricsys 2019- Bricsys-247-300x169

A deeper dive into the Future of Collaboration with Bricsys 24/7.

BricsCAD V20 in-depth and CAD migration tips & tricksWatch Bricsys 2019- BricsCAD-In-Depth-300x169

Robert Green shares his tips for success when migrating to BricsCAD and Heidi and Hans demo yet more handy hints and tips for BricsCAD Core users. Hungry for more? Read some of Robert's migration tips.

Watch Bricsys 2019- BIM-In-Depth-300x169BricCAD BIM V20 in-depth

Change your BIM mindset -- Start in 3D discover more about our BIM modeling innovation in this detailed review of our approach to BricsCAD BIM.

The Future of the BricsCAD PlatformWatch Bricsys 2019- future-technologies-300x169

The Bricsys Advanced Technologies team will show you the latest developments in AI/machine learning, and some exotic AR/VR technologies under development today at Bricsys.

Watch Bricsys 2019- BricsCAD-BIM roundtable-300x169BIM & Design Futures Roundtable

Miklos Sved holds a roundtable discussion on the future of BIM. With special guests: Diogo Bastos, BIM Manager from Archipel Generalplanung AG, Mats Knutsson, BIM-coordinator from, Liljewall, Peter Koncz, BIM Manager from Leroy Street Studio, Chandrasekar Rajamani, Project BIM Lead from Cox, Frederico Ramos, Head of Architecture from ARC and Balázs Révai, BIM Manager from ÓBUDA Group.

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