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The lass who tested IFC data

The lass who tested IFC data

Who is Zuhal Duran? During the day she's a BIM product specialist at Bricsys. By night she's a dancer and was excited to tell me about her plans to learn the drums. I wonder what her neighbors will think? She sat with me in the Bricsys' booth to explain to me what IFC means for [BricsCAD BIM].

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What was life like before Bricsys?

Zuhal brought a wealth of practical, hands-on experience to Bricsys when she started. Before moving to Bricsys she worked and studied in the architectural field with some practical engineering experience too! She provided measured drawings of historical buildings, collecting data from the field using laser scanners and converting the point cloud data to BIM.

What does a BIM Product Specialist do at Bricsys?

Zuhal is kept busy traveling around the world, giving training, assisting Bricsys' resellers and working at events to ensure that people get the most from BricsCAD BIM. You might think that a job like that would be tiring, but she assures me that she loves to travel and meet the wide range of people that use BricsCAD BIM every day.

I feel very comfortable in here [Bricsys] because the company is very dynamic and has a lot of challenges.

When she's not jet setting she spends her time at Bricsys' HQ writing training documentation for the help center, bug testing, and of course, developing BricsCAD BIM.

What is IFC?

Imagine that you use a different application for BIM. You modeled something and you want to export it. And, you want to send this data without losing any data or any information. This is where IFC comes into play.

The lass who tested IFC data- IFC
IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) it's a standardized data model that has been demoed by buildingSMART international. Just like .dwg, it's industry standard. The best part about IFC data is that it's common data and open format. Basically, this means that all data created in BricsCAD BIM can be shared with users, even when they're on other platforms. Thanks to Zuhal and the rest of the BIM team's hard work, you can use Bricscad BIM to import, export, and share IFC data, with anyone. Read more about Bricsys' dedication to open format.

Where is IFC going in the future?

BricsCAD currently supports IFC 2X3, but BricsCAD BIM will be expanding to IFC 4 soon!

Want to try IFC data in BricsCAD BIM?

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