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Building SMART International Standards Summit, Dusseldorf

buildingSMART International Standards Summit, Dusseldorf

Building Smart

Between March 25th -- 28th the buildingSMART International Standards Summit, was held in Dusseldorf. The summit happens twice a year and gives users and developers the unique opportunity to discuss open standards and common data environment for digital design face to face. Much faster and more efficient than working over internet calls and emails!

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Bricsys was delighted to sponsor the event because we are dedicated to open file formats and common data environments. We use .dwg as our standard file format and IFC data in our BricsCAD BIM product.

What happened?

This year was the largest summit in buildingSMART history. More than 1000 experts and users gathered together voluntarily to help develop open standards and establish them worldwide. The participants traveled from over 30 different countries, as a result the atmospher was lively and dynamic.

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The event gave participants a unique opportunity to talk in person.

Establishing open standards across industries is important because it means that files can be transferred between different users, in different countries and across different software packages, all without losing data. Industries as wide-ranging as; construction, software, and real estate rely on this to achieve maximum results efficiently.

Only if we regularly exchange our experiences with digital work and planning methods in practice will we achieve faster, cheaper and better results. -- Richard Petrie, CEO of buildingSMART International

A key topic of discussion was the work in the area of IFC for Rail. The developments of which are quite astounding at the moment. Another hot topic was the subject of product data. BuildingSMART already has a solution for this: the buildingSMART Data Dictionary. Further development of this is a high priority moving forward.

Also under scrutiny was the integration of data from geoinformation systems into digital planning, construction and operating models of buildings, as well as the development of fundamentals for common data environments and the digital twin.

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Erik De Keyser, Bricsys CEO and Tiemen Strobbe, BricsCAD BIM Product Manager enjoying the event.

The location

Germany was a prime location for this years summit. Standards are of particular importance and the German federal government who is seeking to increase the use of digital methods and techniques for federal buildings. BuidingSMART Deutschland already has 22, fully-booked BIM courses. The Certification Program of buildingSMART will soon begin in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Russia this year. While Poland and Canada will follow suit next year.

Bricsys at buildingSMART International

The Bricsys stand received a steady flow of traffic. People were keen to come and discover more about BricsCAD BIM and test out our software. For many this was their first experience of BricsCAD BIM and the responses were overwhelmingly positive. Above all they delighted in the seamless workflow and open file format BricsCAD BIM provides.

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Users were keen to come and test BricsCAD BIM first-hand at the BricsCAD booth.

The last day was a dedicated User Day. Many thanks to our partner Mervisoft for taking the reigns and answering the flood of questions from all of the excited users at the BricsCAD stall.

What's Next?

The next buildingSMART International Standards Summit will be held at the end of October in Beijing. We're already excited to discover what happens next!

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