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From Raster - to CAD - to Digital

From Raster - to CAD  - to Digital

Engineering Designers have taken advantage of the GTX industry-leading technical imaging software that has been providing cost-effective solutions for over three decades!

GTX Bridging Between Your Paper & CAD/EDM/GIS Environments!

  • 100% compatible -- built with BricsCAD® V20 API
  • Works on both BricsCAD® Pro & Platinum V20
  • Raster-To-Vector Conversion (CAD/Contour)
  • Raster-To-Text Recognition
  • Vector-To-Raster Conversion
  • Automatic Image Clean Up
  • Raster Object Editing
  • Raster/Vector Snapping
  • Intelligent Object Picking/ Selection
  • PDF Import/Export
  • PDF Conversion to TIFF

If you are working with scanned paper drawings that have been saved as a .PDF or .Tif file format, then GTXRaster CAD® 2020 Series provides you with the most cost effective raster cleanup, raster editing or raster-to-vector conversion solution. When all you need to do is make a quick and simple change, whether its changing text or geometry in the drawing, GTXRaster CAD® 2020 Series will save you time and money, without the need to start from scratch.

From Raster - to CAD - to Digital- BricsCAD-and-GTX17196-1024x713

GTX solutions are designed and developed for use in the following industries:

  • Mechanical CAD (MCAD)
  • Automated Mapping and Facilities Management (AM/FM)
  • Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC)
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Power Generation, Oil and Gas
  • Military
  • Government

GTXRaster CAD® 2020 Series for BricsCAD V20 has been fully ported to the 64-bit platform and can run as a native 64-bit application directly on the Windows 10 x64 Edition, Windows 8/8.1 x64 Edition and Windows 7 x64 Edition.

With the latest licensing technology, users will benefit with the FLEXENABLED® Software licensing program -- using the FlexeraTM FLEXnet Publisher -- for either standalone single-user installation, or for multiple users with network installation.

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