GTXRaster CAD 2020 Series 

Engineering Designers have taken advantage of the GTX industry leading technical imaging software that has been providing cost effective solutions for over three decades! GTXRaster CAD(R) Series, the industry-acclaimed "BricsCAD for Raster" is the most valuable raster editing and clean up software available for BricsCAD users. Modify and enhance your legacy paper drawings in your preferred CAD environment for use in your current design process.

  • PDF Import/Export - PDF Conversion to TIFF
  • Raster-To-Vector Conversion (CAD/Contour)
  • Raster-To-Text Recognition
  • Automatic Image Clean Up
  • Raster Object Editing


GTXRaster CAD Series is fully integrated with the BricsCAD ATIL imaging libraries, all commands, menus and toolbars are consistent with BricsCAD V20. Designers find a productive and very easy-to-learn, ribbon user-interface and the GTXRaster CAD PLUS 2020 incorporates the light and dark color themes. The GTXRaster CAD Plus 2020 also includes rapid importing and conversion of a wide-range of raster file formats, PDF support, allowing the user to open and save a PDF file. gPDFSAVE allows saving multiple images to a single PDF file. In addition, GTX has developed numerous commands to make working with raster images easier and more manageable. Enhanced raster editing commands include gMCopy (multiple copies of selected raster move to new location), gTEXT (draws raster text in current image), gCTEXT (change raster text by text replacement), gHTEXT (edit vector text and create a raster underlay), gHYBRIDMODE (enable vector overlay of drawn raster lines, arcs, circles, rectangles and text), gDETACH (unloads or detaches a raster image, and gROTRECTANGLE (draw a rotated raster rectangle)and many other methods. If you are working with scanned paper drawings, then GTXRaster CAD Plus 2020 provides you with the most cost effective raster cleanup, raster editing, or raster-to-vector conversion solution. Save time and money! GTX solutions are designed and developed for use in the following industries: • Mechanical CAD (MCAD) • Automated Mapping and Facilities Management (AM/FM) • Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) • Power Generation, Oil and Gas • Military • Government • Service Bureau markets. GTXRaster CAD(R) 2020 Series for BricsCAD V20 has been fully ported to the 64-bit platform and can run as a native 64-bit application directly on the Windows 10 x64 Edition, Windows 8/8.1 x64 Edition and Windows 7 x64 Edition. With the latest licensing technology, users will benefit with the FLEXENABLED(R) Software licensing program - using the Flexera(TM) FLEXnet Publisher - for either standalone single-user installation, or for multiple users with network installation. Network users have the option to accommodate previous versions with our ENHANCED Package Licensing support for their network environment using Version 2020 along with previous versions. In addition, users can request a Borrow license from the network version - great way to accommodate the consulting engineers! The GTXRaster CAD 2020 Series is only available with software licensing; hardware keys are no longer supported in this new version.

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GTXRaster CAD 2020 Series  GTXRaster CAD 2020 Series
BricsCAD Pro V20

November 21, 2019

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