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Jonathan Taylor from Civil Site Design explains how you can use Civil Site Design for BricsCAD to streamline your projects.

Civil Site Design

Civil Site Design is an all-inclusive Civil design package that sits entirely on the BricsCAD platform. For rapid creation & output of highway, subdivision and reconstruction road designs, it combines template & string-based design.

  • Dynamic Road, Drainage and Siteworks
  • Integrate design & drafting in one software environment
  • High functionality, low cost
  • Leverage your BricsCAD skills and investment

Harness the Model Viewer to generate stunning 3D visuals as you design. Models dynamically update as you manage your designs.

Supports both imperial and metric units, drafting styles- profiles and cross-sections -- can be configured for local standards.

They offer free tutorial lessons to get you started.

Download it from the BricsCAD App Store.

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