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Bricsys Digital Summit: BricsCAD BIM V23 Highlights – Leverage CAD Modeling to Collaborate Seamlessly

Bricsys Digital Summit: BricsCAD BIM V23 Highlights – Leverage CAD Modeling to Collaborate Seamlessly

Bricsys Digital Summit highlights from the main rooms

In this blog series, we have been reviewing the highlights of the Bricsys Digital Summit 2022. This instalment delves into the advances for BricsCAD BIM Version 23.

BricsCAD BIM: moving from CAD to BIM, lower risk and improved margins

The construction industry is operating with high risks and low profit margins, so mistakes and delays are very costly. Companies try to manage their risk by avoiding new technologies – like BIM, when they should be embracing them.

With BricsCAD BIM V23, you can move from CAD to BIM with reduced risk, so you can enjoy the benefits of BIM without a disruptive transition.

Welcome to BricsCAD BIM Version 23

Welcome to BricsCAD BIM Version 23

The session was presented by Peter Koncz, Go-To-Market Manager for BIM and Melissa Rivera, Senior Product Manager. Together, they introduced all the improvements in the latest version of BricsCAD BIM. And their presentations explain how our customers drive the innovations behind BricsCAD, allowing us to offer solutions to real industry problems.

Peter said:

We often say that BricsCAD BIM has a fundamentally different approach, but what that does that mean? Is BricsCAD BIM just another BIM software or something more?

Deploying AI and machine learning to leverage CAD modeling

Peter explained how BricsCAD BIM is uniquely delivering the best solution for architects, engineers and contractors. And he explored why the AI-driven BricsCAD BIM V23 is the only 2D and 3D CAD software which is tailor-made for BIM.

Discover how Architects and Engineers collaborate seamlessly on BricsCAD BIM

Discover how Architects and Engineers collaborate seamlessly on BricsCAD BIM

During the session, users discovered how BricsCAD BIM improves workflows that connects traditional CAD and BIM. The audience discovered how the powerful detailed-design modeling and documentation workflows are optimized, and how the 2D deliverables seamlessly integrate into BIM.

BricsCAD BIM has a fundamentally different approach to BIM

This really is a session not to be missed. Review how BricsCAD BIM is easy to use and adopt, and watch the session, on-demand now.

We’ll be back next time with more highlights from the Bricsys Digital Summit.

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