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Annotated, Exploded, Isometric Drawing In Under 1:30 Minutes!

Annotated, Exploded, Isometric Drawing In Under 1:30 Minutes!

BricsCAD Mechanical V20 reduces the time spent generating a complex, technical, multi-axis exploded, isometric drawing from 3 hours to just 1:30 minutes. All without any artistic talent required. Don't believe me? Then keep reading!

New for BricsCAD Mechanical V20

Technical, isometric drawing just got a whole lot easier. Save time and streamline your drawing process with BricsCAD Mechanical V20's extended automated, 2D drafting capabilities.

3-axis disassemblies

Automatically disassemble a CAD model along the x, y and z axes, all at just the click of a button.

Generate an exploded view:
  1. Make sure that the assembly tree has been created (use BMMECH).
  2. Use BMEXPLODE. Select the "automatic" option to automatically explode a component along 3 axes.

Annotated, Exploded, Isometric Drawing- exploded

Create an exploded view instantly with BricsCAD Mechanical.

To edit the disassembly at any point, navigate to the Mechanical Browser and right-click the Exploded representation. Choose the Edit option. Each step can be edited individually and additional steps can be added.

To animate the assembly in this mode, navigate to the Mechanical Browser and right-click the Exploded representation. Choose the 'Animate' option.

This new functionality extends BricsCAD's comprehensive automated disassembly tools.

Trailing Lines

Leader lines, explosion lines, center lines or trailing lines. Whatever you call them, BricsCAD V20 has them!

Annotated, Exploded, Isometric Drawing- trailing lines

Automatically add trailing lines to an assembly with BricsCAD Mechanical.

Once you've finished your disassembly, got into edit mode (BEdit) and click the BMTRAILINGLINES button and let BricsCAD do the rest! How cool is that?

The trailing lines are customizable, just like everything else in BricsCAD. Once created, they can be edited just like polylines.

2D Drawings

To automatically generate a flat or isometric drawing view, use the VIEWBASE command and select the *Special views -- Exploded *view option. Then open up the paper space and simply click to set the view(s) you need.

BOM Tables

There is now a whole new BOM panel for BricsCAD V20 (more on that later), but for now, all you need is the Bill of Materials button (BMBOM). It only takes two clicks. Make sure you place one down in the paper space before you create the annotations. The callouts will automatically link to this.

Annotated, Exploded, Isometric Drawing- bom table

Add a BOM table in a couple of clicks.


Do you think it takes hours to add callouts to an exploded assembly? Think again! Simply hit the Ballon Auto button (BMBALLOON). You can choose to annotate all parts, or unique placements, choose between various balloon styles and choose if you want the callouts to be arranged in a circular formation or along a polyline.

Annotated, Exploded, Isometric Drawing- balloons

Automatically add all callouts to a drawing view with just a few clicks.

Multileaders, balloons and callouts are fully customizable. You can change edit and add new ones to your heart's content!


Once you've finished, you can export to a huge range of formats, once you have your drawing complete. Learn how to export to PDF.

Annotated, Exploded, Isometric Drawing- Drive Assembly

Export your files to pdf and many other formats.

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