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Discover BricsCAD Lite: professional yet familiar 2D CAD, enabling easy access to drawings with easy-to-use tools for fast and effective markup. Unique to BricsCAD, take 2D CAD productivity to the next level with AI-driven tools for minimizing repetitive tasks and drawing optimization tools to enhance drawing performance.
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Getting Started with BricsCAD®: Trial and Licensing Options

Are you considering BricsCAD? Then, you're probably wondering what licensing options are available when you choose BricsCAD. You can avail of the free 30-day trial to try BricsCAD and its various versions to decide which edition suits your needs best. When you buy BricsCAD, you can choose from our flexible licensing options. Let's take a look at the different licensing options!

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Enhanced for BricsCAD® V23: Express Tools

ExpressTools is a collection of Productivity Tools that provides additional options and possibilities in BricsCAD®. Let’s have a look at some of the commands and tools included in BricsCAD’s ExpressTools.

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New for BricsCAD® V23: AI Assist Ribbon Panel

In BricsCAD® V23, the AI Assist Ribbon Panel suggests the commands you will likely need next based on your workflow patterns. The ribbon learns as you use BricsCAD, and it will give you suggestions based on how you and users like you use BricsCAD – saving you time searching for the command you need next!

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CAD for Manufacturing: The BricsCAD® Manufacturing toolkit.

How is CAD used in the manufacturing industry? Manufacturing professionals use CAD in many different ways, from preparation to design to optimizing a facility's layout – it's all made easier, quicker, and more efficient with BricsCAD. With BricsCAD, manufacturing professionals can ensure that their processes are streamlined, completed quickly, and accurately so that their products are ready and out the door on time.

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Enhanced for V23: Publish Dialog Box

BricsCAD ®'s Publish Dialog box lets you send drawings, layouts, and sheets to your printer or export them to PDF, making it easier to batch print books of drawings. In BricsCAD ® V23, we have enhanced the Publish Dialog box with better icon spacing.

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bricsCAD V23_ Improved Tool Palettes Panel.png

Enhanced for V23: Improved Tool Palettes Panel

We have revamped the Tool Palette panel in BricsCAD V23 for an improved user experience. You can use the tool palette panel in BricsCAD to access blocks, hatches, and command tools from a central location. Let's take a look at how you can use them!

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New for V23_ PARAMETRICBLOCKASSIST BricsCAD-s Dynamic Block  Converter  .png

New for V23: PARAMETRICBLOCKASSIST BricsCAD®'s Dynamic Block Converter

In BricsCAD® V23, we have introduced a powerful new command -PARAMETRICBLOCKASSIST. This command lets you convert dynamic blocks from other CAD software to BricsCAD's parametric blocks – providing enhanced control and flexibility to your design process.

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Getting Started with BricsCAD Installation (1).png

Getting Started with BricsCAD®: Installation Guide

If you're wondering how to install BricsCAD – look no further! Installing BricsCAD is easy; whether you're downloading the most recent BricsCAD release or an older version, this blog will walk you through the installation process, including interactive and silent installation options.

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Spatial Organization Made Easy: How to use the ARRANGE Command in BricsCAD® V23

The ARRANGE command is one of the powerful tools that can help you with spatially organizing entities in BricsCAD®. This feature allows you to align or distribute a set of entities along the axis of the current UCS (User Coordinate System), streamlining your design process. Let's dive into how to use the ARRANGE command in BricsCAD V23.

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Top 10 Benefits of BricsCAD® V23.2 - Part Two

Are you considering upgrading, but do you need to figure out the benefits of BricsCAD® V23.2? Then stick around while we review some key benefits and answer the question – why upgrade to BricsCAD V23.2? We have plenty of new and improved features and commands to show you! If you missed Part One – you can check it out here! Now, let's get up to speed with BricsCAD V23.2.

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Parametric Blocks in BricsCAD V23_ PARAMETRICBLOCKIFY  for 2D Geometry..png

Parametric Blocks in BricsCAD® V23: PARAMETRICBLOCKIFY for 2D Geometry

Did you know you can create and edit parametric blocks in BricsCAD®? Just use the PARAMETRICBLOCKIFY command! PARAMETRICBLOCKIFY is an AI-based productivity tool in BricsCAD. In BricsCAD V23, we have enhanced this feature to recognize plain 2D geometry variations of parametric blocks with 2D parameters, constraints, and flip lines. Let's explore the PARAMETRICBLOCKIFY command, how to use it, and its benefits for BricsCAD users.

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Top 10 Benefits of BricsCAD V23.2 - Part One (2).png

Top 10 Benefits of BricsCAD V23.2 - Part One

If you use an older version of BricsCAD but want to know more about the latest V23.2 release, stick around. We have plenty of new and improved features and commands for you so let's get up to speed with BricsCAD V23.2!

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