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Takamiya Group builds value with BricsCAD

Takamiya Group designs, builds and rents scaffolding & falseworks across the ASEAN region. What’s fueling their growth strategy? The money they save on perpetual licenses of BricsCAD Pro.

Takamiya Co. Ltd designs, builds and rents out falseworks and scaffolding, essential for construction sites and engineering projects. It has sales offices and equipment centers all over Japan, as well as group business bases overseas. Takamiya moved to BricsCAD to streamline its design of temporary scaffolding and supporting structures.

Kunihiko Takemura, Takamiya’s General Manager of the Technical Department (Sales Division), sheds light on the company’s history: “We started our business in 1969. Back then, we were buying and selling construction equipment. In 2010, we acquired complete ownership of a construction equipment manufacturer and turned it into our own, fully owned subsidiary company. So now, we manufacture and rent out equipment in Japan and the association of South-East Asian countries.”

Considering license costs and 3D conversion
In recent years, Takamiya has started to provide additional services such as planning, design and construction of temporary scaffoldings. Along with that, CAD software became an indispensable tool in their business.
“We started working with CAD software almost 20 years ago. Originally, our company used an industry-leading 2D CAD software in Japan. In recent years, our staff numbers have increased along with the volume of additional design work and the cost of our CAD software has risen significantly. We’ve also launched a 3D project, but the cost of 3D CAD was becoming an obstacle to our efforts. At a time when we were using 2D and 3D software simultaneously, we were introduced to BricsCAD Pro by Zuken Alphatech (an official BricsCAD sales point),” explains Seiya Nagano, Takamiya’s Manager of the Technical Department (Sales Division).

Compatibility and operability of BricsCAD
Takamiya’s technical department verified the software’s compatibility and operability using a trial version of BricsCAD. After verifying BricsCAD’s suitability for the task, Takamiya decided to introduce BricsCAD Pro with a plan to utilize BricsCAD’s powerful 3D functionality. “BricsCAD is perfect for our 3D usage and it could be easily deployed in-house,” commented Mr. Nagano.

Kazuki Hamada from the Technical Department gave his opinion on the core value of BricsCAD in his business: “The first advantage of BricsCAD is its pricing, combined with the perpetual licensing. The second big advantage is BricsCAD’s high compatibility with other CAD software and the data files made with them. And the third one is that BricsCAD allows us to do both 2D drawing and 3D modeling.”

“BricsCAD also allows us to process and incorporate measured data, point clouds, landscape modeling, even noise processing, for one-stop scaffolding design. BricsCAD is certainly one of the CAD software products that will play a role in expanding our business,” adds Takemura.

Launching 3D measurement business
Takamiya aims to become a corporate group that drives the qualitative development of the industry. The company is looking to utilize 3D models with BricsCAD to improve the efficiency of various operations.
“There is a serious labor shortage in the construction and civil engineering industry, and we want to take the lead in making efforts to transform ourselves and improve productivity. BricsCAD will enable us to master 3D technology,” says Nagano.

3D is an important technology, used to promote solutions for temporary construction. Takamiya plans to launch a 3D measurement business within the group, using laser scanners.
“Being able to do scans in-house will also contribute to front-loading before the on-site construction. Everything from point cloud data creation to 3D modeling, planning model design and construction is done within the group,” commented Takemura. “With BricsCAD, we will be able to provide one-stop support for a series of processes related to temporary construction.”

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