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22 ноември 2022 г. 4 мин

Bricsys Digital Summit: BricsCAD V23 Spotlight – Great CAD productivity with amazing user experience

In this blog, we look at the features in Version 23 which are intuitive to use, learn and adopt when our users draft and design in their CAD workflows. This amazing user-experience is driven by the way our development teams harness new technology, so we’ll also highlight our favourite tools and commands to give users extra productivity too.

17 октомври 2022 г. 3 мин

3D laser-scanning: Intelligent tools to create point-cloud data deliverables - Part 1: Scan-to-TIN surface

You can import large point-clouds into BricsCAD Pro and use BricsCAD tools to filter unnecessary points and create a workable TIN surface. After importing the point-cloud, you can create a TIN surface. The software will process the point-cloud and offer filtering options to simplify the surface as you need.

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