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BricsCAD® Drawing Recovery Manager: Recover Drawings After a Crash

By The Bricsys Team 3 min 13 март 2023 г.
BricsCAD Drawing Recovery Manager Recover Drawings After a Crash.png

What is the Drawing Recovery Manager in BricsCAD®?

In BricsCAD®, the Drawing Recovery Manager is a panel that displays a list of drawing files that can be recovered after a crash. It automatically detects files that were open at the time of the failure, including .dwg, .dwt, and .dws

How to open the Drawing Recovery Manager

After a crash, a notification balloon displaying a drawing recovery message appears when you start BricsCAD. You can click on the Open Panel link in the notification balloon to open the Drawing Recovery Manager panel.

You can disable the notification balloon by toggling off the TRAYICONS and TRAYNOTIFY system variables. In this case, a drawing recovery message dialog box appears on the Start page instead.

You can also use the DRAWINGRECOVERY command to show the panel, and DRAWINGRECOVERYHIDE command to hide it.

How to recover files in BricsCAD's Drawing Recovery Manager?

In the Drawing Recovery Manager panel, you can see a list of all drawing files that were open at the time of the crash. Backup files are displayed as a list of folders containing the drawing files that can be recovered. For each drawing, you choose from the following file types, if they exist:


BricsCAD Drawing recovery manager panel

Additionally, the panel displays a few details for the selected file, such as the name, location, and size of the file and the time it was last saved.

You can right-click on any item in the list to access different actions depending on the selected item.

  1. Open all drawings from a specific folder or remove a folder from the panel without recovering the files.
    BricsCAD Drawing recovery folder view

  2. Open .dwg files.
    BricsCAD Drawing recovery dwg view

  3. Open .sv$ files, you can choose to open it or save it as a .dwg file.
    BricsCAD Drawing Recovery svs view

Have you used the Drawing Recovery Manager and have some ideas or suggestions?

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