Rhino/Grasshopper Connection for BricsCAD BIM 

Rhinoceros is a 3D modeler used to create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate and translate NURBS* curves, surfaces, solids, point clouds and polygon meshes. Grasshopper is a visual programming language and environment that runs within the Rhinoceros 3D computer-aided design application and is tightly integrated with Rhinoceros’ 3D modeling tools.

  • Free-form modeling in Rhinoceros
  • Parametric modeling in Grasshopper
  • Real-time viewing of Grasshopper geometry in BricsCAD
  • Bi-directional connection: Use BricsCAD geometry as input & ‘Bake’ from Grasshopper to BricsCAD
  • Custom toolset in Grasshopper for BricsCAD


You can use free-form modeling in Rhinoceros with the full functionality of Rhino WIP. The Grasshopper connector enables parametric modeling in Grasshopper with a real-time preview in BricsCAD. With this connector, you’ll get a bi-directional connection between Grasshopper and BricsCAD. It allows you to use BricsCAD geometry as input parameters in Grasshopper, as well as convert Grasshopper geometry back to native BricsCAD geometry. This geometry can then be used for further modeling in BricsCAD. There is a custom toolset available in Grasshopper for BricsCAD. These custom components allow you to: - Link a Grasshopper script to .dwg - Use BricsCAD entities as input parameters in Grasshopper. The following entities are supported: Plane, Point, Curve, Entity, Edge, Face, Vertex. - Select BIM data from your BricsCAD library to use in Grasshopper. The following data can be used inside Grasshopper: Buildings, Stories, Structural steel profiles (names, sizes, standard and curves), BIM types for classification: all IFC types supported by BricsCAD are available. - Get BIM data originating from BricsCAD entities. The following data can be read into Grasshopper by the connector: Information regarding the axis, extrusion path and profile of linear solids &Property names and values for all classified entities. - Assign BIM data to your Grasshopper geometry. The following data can be assigned: Buildings, Stories, Structural steel profiles, BIM types for classification: all IFC types supported by BricsCAD are available, Properties (of classified geometry) - Get all BricsCAD entities present in BricsCAD, filtered by element type and/or spatial location. - Convert Grasshopper geometry to native BricsCAD geometry. - 'Bake’ BIM data that has been specified in Grasshopper. - Export directly into IFC. Rhino is not included in this Connection tool and needs to be downloaded/purchased separately. More info can be found here https://www.rhino3d.com/ More info on the installation of the Connection tool can be found here: https://help.bricsys.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025542454-Rhino-Grasshopper-Integration

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Rhino/Grasshopper Connection for BricsCAD BIM  Connection for BricsCAD BIM v22
BricsCAD BIM V22
Rhino 7
Rhino/Grasshopper Connection for BricsCAD BIM  Connection for BricsCAD BIM v21
BricsCAD BIM V21
Rhino 7
October 28, 2019

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