Power Distribution Network Analysis PADEE 

This Software takes the electric data directly from distribution real feeders maps in CAD and analyzes them ( running load flow analysis ), placing the results directly on maps automatically and interactively. This Tool is for Designing, Planning, Operation, Maintenance and loss reduction in feeders. It is mostly used by utilities and consultants who work in Electric Power distribution Systems. It links the medium voltage, low voltage and customers data under an integrated and common system.

  • Easy to use. Data is taken automatically from the CAD map
  • Load Flow Analysis results with only one click
  • Medium Voltage, Low Voltage And Customer analysis in the same Platform.
  • Creates a Distribution Network GIS
  • Spatial Load Forecast


Power Distribution Network Analysis Software - PADEE PADEE uses maps drawed in CAD with special blocks, libraries and database, to produce a Geographic Information System (GIS), Or Distribution Data System Management (DDSM), being very useful to handle the large amount of data, very common in distribution networks. Makes the calculation automatically from de the data collected and produce the results in colors and higligthing the main results. It also links all the data forward or backward from the custumer, up to the medium voltage substation, to make energy balance and technical & non technical energy loss calculations The user´s manuals guides you through all stages; from information pickup or inventory, all the way to, load flow analysis and Projects elaboration. It should be mentioned that ours users are our main software salesmens.

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Power Distribution Network Analysis Program ( PADEE)

PADEE 2021 English / Español

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Power Distribution Network Analysis PADEE  PADEE 2021
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January 26, 2017

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