The most-popular most-powerful multi-provider imaging platform, now inside your favorite CAD! Download to get the most updated imagery from AIRBUS, MAXAR, NEARMAP, HEXAGON, GOOGLE MAPS, BING, OPENSTREETMAP, USGS, and other WMS providers, aligned inside your BricsCAD projects!

  • Premium Imagery - From world's top imagery providers Airbus, Maxar, Nearmap & Hexagon
  • Basemaps - From Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap or any WMS, WMTS & Tile Servers
  • Terrain models - Create contours and perform advanced surface analysis for your project areas
  • KML/KMZ files to BricsCAD or copy & paste objects directly from Google Earth
  • Export your 2D/3D drawings to Google Earth


Show off with cool style, because our direct partnerships with the world’s premium providers mean you get FULL LEGAL USAGE RIGHTS, from your prospective or preliminary drawings, right up to more impressive presentations. That’s just one of the benefits that make Plex-Earth 5... A MORE POWERFUL TOOL Plex-Earth 5 doesn’t just import a flat background image from Google: 1. It magically warps flat photos for the real-world’s curvature (critical for bigger projects!) 2. Perfectly scales and effortlessly aligns everything for your project area. 3. It also imports hi-resolution terrain-mesh data from Bing™ and other providers 4. EXPORTS 3D/2D objects with textures/materials into Google Earth™, no 'hacks' required! MULTIPLE-IMAGE MOSAICS MADE EASY! Bigger or longer projects? Not a problem for the extra-powerful Plex-Earth 5 Business Edition! Just drag and select the area you want, including long corridors, and Plex-Earth 5 detects, imports and aligns everything for you, without any image editing, fiddling or time-wasting required. EXPLOIT AN UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF THE MOST UP-TO-DATE, HIGHEST-RESOLUTION IMAGES Plex-Earth 5 brings you the benefits of the most up-to-date imagery commercially available (and some of our providers even give you the power to look back in time, to see how things have changed)! Outside of already built-up areas, providers like Google and Bing can be literally years out of date. Our premium providers offer imagery that can be as recent as a few weeks or even a few days ago! Frequent updates mean you can monitor the progress of any ongoing projects (yours and other people’s…), while a massive historical database allows virtual time-travel! SUPER-HIGH RESOLUTION What good are bad images? Enjoy a clearer view of reality with pin-sharp resolutions of up to just 7.5cm per pixel. And it's all legal! LEGAL LICENSING – SO EASY IT’S LAZY! Everything is managed for you by our cloud platform – no need to wrestle with or even install a local license manager! Anywhere, any network, at the office, in the field – or working from home – empower anyone in your team without being snagged by network or geographic restrictions. And we already mentioned you're getting full legal rights to use our premium provider images, right? So click that green button that says download– because seeing is believing!

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Plex-Earth  5.4.7767
BricsCAD Pro V21

February 26, 2021

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