Lisp Developer Support Package (LDSP) 

The "Lisp Developer Support Package (LDSP)" documentation package provides informations on all the special BricsCAD LISP features and capabilities beyond AutoLISP scope; additionally a number of utilities are provided to support and assist Lisp developers in the BricsCAD environment.

  • comprehensive documentations for all Lisp-related APIs offered by BricsCAD Lisp
  • includes "vle-extension.lsp" providing VLE Library functions under non-BricsCAD or older BricsCAD versions
  • includes "DEScoder" encryption utility
  • includes "Lisp Benchmarks"
  • includes wordfiles (language + syntax highlighting definition files) for AutoLISP/BricsCAD Lisp and DCL


The main goal of LDSP is to provide detailed documentations on all Lisp-related APIs and Lisp-related utilities, like for : - VLE Library functions - BricsCAD-specific Lisp functions - "ExpressTools" API support (the (acet-xxx) functions) - LISP "Fast-COM" implementation technology - LISP Optimiser mechanism - LISP Benchmark - DEScoder encryption utility - Support for UltraEdit editor (to support Lisp language) - General Performance and Programming hints The "Lisp Developer Support Package" contains the documentations in CHM, PDF, HTML format to offer best comfort and flexibility.

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Lisp Developer Support Package (LDSP)  1.0 Windows
November 12, 2013

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