TXT to DXF converter 

Reads text files which are lists of points (2D or 3D) and creates DXF (version 12) files

  • Converts text files containing the list of points (which may be survey data) to DXF (version 12) files.
  • Has the tools to configure the conversion process.


Opens and displays a text file which structure must be as follows: - file consists of points list; - a single point data is on a single line; - all data in the lines use the same text delimiter (comma, space, semi-colon ...) - one line can consist of up to 15 data columns, that X (N) and Y (E) coordinates are mandatory. According to the chosen text delimiter, divides the point data into columns. It also allows you to change the column name (except for X (N) and Y (E) coordinates) and the place. Column name is automatically assigned to a block attribute name (TAG). You can also remove the rows with redundant or incorrect data. Creates DXF file consisting of blocks with attributes, of the following user settings: - the name of the block; - selected attributes; - the attributes layers, visibility, text heights and positions; - the attribute values formatting (rounding, number of characters by choosing string from right); - block reference layer, scale, the X and Y coordinates swaping and rounding, Z coordinate column and rounding.

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TXT to DXF converter Windows
October 1, 2013

V. Rikso PĮ