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Meet the team that makes Bricsys – Zaneta Horvathova

By Kelsey Grant 3 min 8 mars 2022
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Here we find out more about Zaneta Horvathova, HR Manager at Bricsys. Including her passion for people, projects that have a positive impact, and talent at Bricsys!

What is your role at Bricsys?
HR Manager.

How long have you been with the company?
1 month, I joined the team on 01/02/2022.

How did you discover Bricsys?
The company was recommended by a colleague who recently joined Bricsys.

Where are you located? Are you working from home or going into one of Bricsys' global offices?
I'm Ghent based, currently adopting a hybrid working pattern. I try to come into the office two or three days a week as I find it important for myself to be visible to my colleagues.

Describe your first week at Bricsys...
Excellent! My manager had an organized agenda (Finance people!). I got an introduction about the company history, current situation, the departments, and discovered where all the Bricsys offices are located. We had a very relaxed lunch close to the office area, and in the afternoon, I was introduced to my colleagues. As the week went on, I had 'get to know me' calls with the managers around the world, learning about our products and their unique teams.

What was your first impression of the Bricsys team?
Very positive, friendly, social, and helpful colleagues. I felt very welcome!

What does a day at Bricsys look like for you?
Oh wow, just an example of yesterday: 1 to1's with some of the Directors and VP's worldwide. In the morning, a call with Novosibirsk, at noon I spoke with Boekarest. By late afternoon I was having calls with the US team, interviewing candidates. The remainder of the day was spent finalizing the proposal for a new candidate, together with my HR colleague in the Netherlands, and in between all of this, offering support and advising the managers in Ghent office. So, very diverse!

What is the main focus of your role currently?
Hiring is my main focus currently. This includes many aspects, including recruiting, onboarding, training, professional development, goal setting, performance evaluation, leadership development, and compliance. Within these, I am looking closely at policies, handbooks, documentation, culture, and nurturing company-wide communications.

Where is Bricsys seeing growth?
Young talents: Due to covid we were not able to take part in any job fairs or events where we could introduce the company to many universities. Luckily this year we have been able to get started on these again and we're excited to meet the young talent of today!

International talents: Being part of Hexagon gives us an opportunity to hire all over the world.

I'm most excited to be working on...
Company-wide communication: Communicating company-wide information usually falls to HR. Whether it's planning for bad weather and office closures, or communicating policy changes and updates about the business, this is an important responsibility.

Defining Bricsys culture: Articulating company culture while cultivating and communicating it to the employees is what makes building your dream team possible.

Professional development: Develop people who show potential by helping them gain additional skills and continue to grow in their careers. Organizing regular training is an important part of retaining a talented, connected, and high-performing team.

And finally, 2022 is the year that...
2022 is a year of growth and new talent at Bricsys. Our ambition is to hire 70 people in our headquarters in Ghent, and our other offices worldwide.

Kelsey Grant - Author

by Kelsey Grant - Marketing Content Specialist

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Kelsey is our Marketing Content Specialist at Bricsys, based in the UK. Coming from a background in Social Media to CAD, she takes pride in crafting clear and engaging content, helping guide BricsCAD users to create great things!

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