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8 Reasons Why Students Should Try 3D Modeling

By Frank Hamilton 5 min 28 februari 2021
8 Reasons Why Students Should Try 3D Modeling

Digital technology might be booming today, but it does not stop 2D images from dominating most design websites, magazines, and multimedia. Many young artists and designers are still stuck with this model, as it is the fastest and easiest way to communicate and explore ideas visually -- from sketching to drawing and finally rendering.

3D modeling, which involves the creation of three-dimensional objects using specialized software, is often used for high-quality production. It is usually the duty of Computer Aided Styling specialists. Students who are interested in designing tend to avoid 3D modeling because of its complexity and time-consuming process. Aside from that, there is more technical know-how required than creativity.

Despite the intricacy, design students should approach 3D modeling with an open mind, as it can allow them to explore their creativity, improve efficiency, and increase the quality of their designs. Below are some of the reasons why every student should learn 3D modeling.

#1 Increases your creative workflow

Although most people believe there are a plethora of differences between 3D and 2D modeling techniques, there is no need for such distinction. If you pay attention to the most amazing products ever made, you will notice that they are combinations of 3D and 2D modeling techniques. For example, hand-drawn sketches that can be combined with 3D rendered parts to form a single image. Something very unique often comes out when you practice continually.

#2 You get to understand how shapes work in 3D

You may not be able to visualize the final product of shapes in three-dimensional shapes, particularly if they have complex layouts. But you will likely meet a lot of unexpected interferences between the volumes. With the knowledge of 3D, you can solve this problem at the concept stage. In addition to that, you will have better control over the design.

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#3 You can communicate better with other team members

No doubt, a good designer should communicate his or her idea through sketches but doing so in a 3D model is an added advantage. When you get familiar with subjects in three-dimensions and 3D software, communicating with other members of your creative team becomes easier. Workflow becomes more fluid with the Computer-Aided Styling specialists, modelers, and engineers.

#4 Increased design vocabulary

While designing, you may have a hard time conceiving and representing some shapes and designs in 2D models. This situation is where your knowledge of 3D modeling comes in. Once you know how to create these high-quality models your visual vocabulary improves. With visual language comprising elements like texture, light, color, line, space, and shape, you gain more experience combining them. You then become an all-round designer and grow with the trend in no distant time.

#5 You can create more realistic and detailed design concepts with 3D Models

Working with a 3D model helps you render three-dimensional objects more realistically. That way, you can evaluate the design before working on the prototype. The design industry is currently seeing a decline in the use of physical models, with more focus on the digital stage to reduce spending and maximize time.

In addition to that, working with a 3D model makes it easier for designers to utilize layout and packaging templates in two dimensions. And you can also check that these dimensions are in line with the engineering and ergonomic limitation.

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#6 More job opportunities

Your knowledge of 3D modeling will always be useful in any industry, especially the entertainment world. After a story gets written, the first step of filming is to create a storyboard. And who is the better creative to work on it than 3D animators? You can also design games and create special effects with your knowledge.

#7 You can handle multimedia presentations

In the corporate world today, CEOs, employers, and consultants always prefer presenting their ideas or innovations visually. When they have no better way to relate the proposals than through documents, their presentation becomes boring. So, they are always looking out for an engaging way to share new thoughts.

When you understand 3D modeling, you can create visuals ranging from eBooks, animated graphics, high-quality infographics, and the rest. The literature aspect can be handled by professionals, like those found on online writers rating. It allows you more time to focus on what you love.

#8 Learning is easier than you think

Let go of every anxiety you are currently facing at the thought of learning 3D modeling. The internet has made it easier for us to grab knowledge with ease.

Remember how important it is to have a solid foundation while setting out to learn 3D modeling. Invest in high-quality materials as they will be beneficial both in the middle and long term.

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Now that you are aware of the numerous benefits you stand to gain with 3D modeling knowledge, you might be pumped to set out on this journey. You can get a degree, invest in online tutorials, whether paid or free, engage the services of a private tutor, or intern with a design company -- whichever works for you. The goal is to gain useful knowledge and apply it when needed.

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