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Halloween Pumpkin CADing

Halloween Pumpkin CADing

Forget pumpkin carving, get pumpkin CADing with this simple Halloween CAD tutorial? No knife required!

The Body

  1. Begin by importing a sketch. Use Attach Raster Image (IMAGEATTACH).Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 1 image-1024x576
  2. Next, trace the outline either using POLYLINE or SPLINE. You only need to trace half the pumpkin.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 2 lines
  3. HIDE or ERASE the image. You no longer need this.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 3 hide
  4. OFFSET the edge.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 4 offset
  5. EXTEND the edges to the centerline.
  6. Draw a LINE connecting the ends.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 5 centerline
  7. Use JOIN to create to closed shapes (red and blue).Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 6 closed shapes-1024x746
  8. Use the Manipulator to lift the inner shape up slightly.
    Note: You can learn more about manipulating entities on Heidi's blog.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 7 lift-1024x662
  9. Rotate.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 8 rotate-1024x648
  10. Mirror.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 9 mirror-1024x665
  11. LOFT between the shapes.
    Note: you might need to convert the spline to a polyline. Read more about polylines and splines.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- loft 1
  12. Use ARRAYPOLAR to repeat the shape.
    That's looking pretty good, but now I want to tweak the shape so everything overlaps properly.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 11 array-1024x742
  13. Hover over the array and hold Ctrl adjust the array.
    Alternatively, use the Properties Panel to adjust the array.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 12 b array adjust
  14. EXPLODE the array.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 15 explode-1024x626
  15. Use UNION to join the solids. This completes the "body" of the pumpkin.

The Stalk

  1. Draw a POLYGON.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 12 shape-1024x611
  2. COPY the shape
  3. Use ALIGN to move the copied shape into position.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 13 align
  4. LOFT between the two shapes. This time use the option "Guides". The loft will now distort along the curve.
    Hint: the simpler the guide curve the better the result.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 14 loft-1024x578

The Carving

  1. Create a CYLINDER inside the body.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 16 cylinder-1024x674
  2. FILLET the edges.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 17 fillet-1024x628
  3. SUBTRACT the solid from the body.
  4. EXTRUDE the face using the "Subtract" mode.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 18 extrude-1024x591

Finishing up

As a finishing touch, add some materials and lighting to the design.Halloween Pumpkin CADing- 19 lights camera action-1024x576

Halloween Pumpkin CADing- render-1024x519

Follow this Halloween CAD tutorial

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