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Discover BricsCAD®Mechanical V22 - Digital Summit Breakout Sessions Pt 3

Discover BricsCAD®Mechanical V22 - Digital Summit Breakout Sessions Pt 3

You've made it to pt3 of the V22 deep dive series. If you are looking for something with more detail, and a practical approach to BricsCAD® Mechanical V22, you should stick around! Take a deep dive into BricsCAD Mechanical, with our technical experts, as you re-live the Digital Summit breakout sessions.

The following videos focus on the innovation and development made in BricsCAD Mechanical for V22. Explore Pt1 & Pt2 of the series, which focus on our core products, and BricsCAD BIM.

Discover 3D Design Flexibility with BricsCAD Variational Modelling

Variational 3D modelling is a powerful concept only found within BricsCAD, providing you with a high level of design freedom. This session outlines a host of advances V22 brings to both our direct modelling and 3D constraints and parameters capabilities.

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BricsCAD V22: Flexible, Intelligent and Accessible Mechanical Design

Discover the difference this flexible and powerful solution offers, and the advances V22 provides. Learn how this new release brings significant new capabilities in areas such as creating product assemblies, generating insightful bills of materials, intelligent rigid piping design, and the creation of accurate 2D drawings.

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Enhancing Mechanical Compatibility with BricsCAD V22

Discover how many of your AutoCAD Mechanical symbols can now be incorporated, re-used and modified inside BricsCAD Mechanical, and how you can even create new drawings in AutoCAD Mechanical format, for easier collaboration with third-parties, such as your clients or contractors.

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BricsCAD V22: Further Leading the way in Sheet Metal Design

See for yourself the power of BricsCAD's industry-leading sheet metal design solution, and our unique solid to sheet metal design process. We'll also outline other exciting, new enhancements V22 brings, which take BricsCAD sheet metal design to an even greater level.

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Those were just a few of the videos from the BricsCAD Digital Summit 2021, which explored BricsCAD Mechanical and demonstrated the BricsCAD difference live in action! If you are looking to know more about BricsCAD and BricsCAD BIM, you can head over to the other blogs in the series and find out more.

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