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New for BricsCAD V23 – The Tips Panel

Door Rose Barfield 4 min 29 november 2022
BricsCAD V23 What’s New

The Tips Panel has had a revamp for BricsCAD V23. This will help both new and existing users to get started faster and easier in a familiar, intuitive workspace.

Maybe you’re thinking “but that’s only for new users” or “I’m a pro, I know the tips and tricks”, well, keep on reading and see how the new Tips Panel is more helpful than ever!

What is the Tips Panel?

The Tips panel is located to the left of BricsCAD and is switched on, in all workspaces, when you first start BricsCAD. It gives you hints and tips based on the current workspace and the command in-use.

What’s new for V23?

The Tips panel has been extended from 64 page to a massive 205. It has also become more interactive with more detailed information, and there are new, workspace-specific tips for Paper Space, the Mechanical workspace. There is also the all-new Civil workspace.

Why did we make the changes?

When we watched experienced CAD users using BricsCAD for the first time, we noticed they liked the old Tips Panel and tried to explore the panel. However, here the information was limited, and it lacked full interactivity.

New for BricsCAD V23 – The Tips Panel

How to use the Tips Panel

You have two options to test out the new Tips Panel.

Option 1: Interactive

  1. Open BricsCAD in your favorite Workspace
  2. Click the links on the page
  3. Start exploring

Option 2: Responsive

  1. Open BricsCAD in your favorite Workspace
  2. Activate your favorite command: BLOCKIFY, ARRAY, LINE, etc.
  3. Watch the Tips Panel change dynamically, to display hints relevant to the command in-use

New for BricsCAD V23 – The Tips Panel

I’m an advance CAD user, why do I need the Tips Panel?

There are several sections in the Tips Panel in the Drafting workspace created specifically for experienced users: New for V23 and Power Users. Under these sections, you’ll find hints and tips to help you get the most from BricsCAD V23.

In other workspaces, you’ll notice a yellow ‘New for V23’ next to new commands on the homepage of the Tips Panel. This helps users get started with BricsCAD V23’s new features straight away.

New for BricsCAD V23 – The Tips Panel

I’ve got what I need from the Tips Panel, how do I turn it off?

To close the Tips Panel, either click the X in the top-right of the panel, or right-click anywhere on the BricsCAD UI, for example the ribbon and select Panel > Tips from the menu.

How do I get the Tips Panel back?

To open the Tips Panel, right-click anywhere on the BricsCAD UI, for example the ribbon and select Panel > Tips from the menu.

‘I’ve tested the Tips panel, and I have some ideas; how can I get in touch?’

We love to hear your thoughts about how to make BricsCAD perform better for users. Send us a support request to tell us your ideas and an expert from our team will be happy to help.

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Rose Barfield

door Rose Barfield - CAD User Experience & Interface Design Specialist

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Rose is verantwoordelijk voor het nemen van gebruikersfeedback en het verbeteren van het BricsCAD-product. Voordat ze bij BricsCAD kwam, was ze een CAD-gebruiker en werkte ze in de automobiel-, ruimtevaart- en defensie-industrie als technisch illustrator. Ze vindt het heerlijk om uit te vinden hoe dingen werken, ze uit elkaar te halen en (hopelijk) weer in elkaar te zetten.

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