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Named User Subscriptions vs. BricsCAD's Flexible Licensing

Door Don Strimbu 5 min 4 maart 2020
Named User Subscriptions vs. BricsCAD's Flexible Licensing

Autodesk® is announcing their intent to move away from serial number based licensing to a named user model. After August 7, 2020, on their next subscription renewal, current Autodesk network license customers can trade each of their network licenses for two "named user" subscriptions. This sounds like a pretty good deal, especially since they are offering that two for one license split at a price "...similar to the price you're paying today".

They go on to promise that the subscription cost for those named user licenses will "only" go up in price 2.5% per year, for the next eight years. At the eight-year mark, the subscription cost per license will revert to the "manufacturer's suggested retail price" -- in 2028. There's no indication of what that price might be -- heck, it'll happen eight years in the future, so who knows what it might be?

Eschew obfuscation

I've always wanted to write that in a blog post... it simply means "avoid confusion". Bricsys has solutions to the named user conundrum. We call our solution  "single, volume and network licenses" that you can buy ("perpetual") or rent ("Subscription"). In other words, these are the same licensing models that you've been enjoying for years.

If you use network licensing today, you're probably serving upwards of three or more "casual" CAD users with each network license you own. Generally, in a named user model this is not possible. In other words, named user licenses are tied to a person in your organization. Because of this, only a named user can use the software by entering their credentials. Therefore, they need to "log in" to use the software. And, if they aren't using their "named license" it sits idle.

Autodesk is also claiming that the named user model offers "dedicated access for all employees" and "new ways to optimize licensing costs". They go on to say that you'll "no longer have to manage network servers or track anonymous serial numbers". But we don't know everything about this initiative; we only know what we've read so far. It is possible that Autodesk has a way to manage pools of named users dynamically. They certainly haven't shared that part of the plan -- yet.

However, we do know that under their proposed named user plan, everybody who uses the software will need to log in to an Autodesk-managed license server. Are you nervous, yet?

Compare Named User to BricsCAD's Flexible Licensing

Named User Subscriptions vs. BricsCAD-s Flexible Licensing- 49440330-0-othercad Named User Subscriptions vs. BricsCAD-s Flexible Licensing- bricscad
Autodesk®: Transition to Named Users Bricsys®: Flexible Licensing Benefits
Starting August 7, 2020, Network license users can trade-in one network license for two named user subscriptions on their next renewal Bricsys offers single, volume and network licenses. You can buy them (perpetual) or rent them (subscription)
Named user licenses are linked to a single, “named” user; e.g.john.smith@xzycorp.com BricsCAD licenses are linked to the company that owns them, not to an individual user
Named user licensing means that companies will need to purchase Subscriptions for every user who uses the software – even for casual use BricsCAD network licenses can float across a corporate network, covering both dedicated and casual users
Administering named user plans puts an additional load on CAD Managers and IT staff There is no additional administration required to manage BricsCAD licenses
If you support more than two (2) users with a current network license, you will need to purchase additional subscriptions, at an increased price over last year Bricsys offers an optional low-cost Maintenance program to keep your perpetual software licenses up-to-date. We offer real choice in CAD software licensing

Some important questions to ask about named user licensing:

  • In addition to the two Subscriptions you'll get per network license you trade in, how many more new Subscriptions will you need to buy to cover the needs of your casual CAD users?
  • How much IT effort will be required to manage the creation of named user accounts?
  • Managing named user turnover as people join and leave your organization -- how will this work?
  • What happens when the Autodesk license server is inaccessible?
  • How will named users work when they don't have an internet connection?
  • Is it possible to "check out" a license for off-site work?

Named User Subscriptions vs. BricsCAD-s Flexible Licensing- 49388130-0-questions2x-1024x601

Why choose BricsCAD?

BricsCAD is a modern and powerful CAD that is available as a flexible license, linked to the company that owns or rents it. BricsCAD's network licenses can float across your network, to serve both dedicated and casual users. If an employee joins or leaves your firm, there's no need to jump through any hoops to assign or re-assign their named user subscription.

And did we say that BricsCAD simply costs less and offers more CAD efficiency? All of us at Bricsys are focused on you -- our users. We think that CAD should make your life easier, not more difficult. Simplify your CAD management workflow (and save money!) with flexible licensing from Bricsys!

Discover BricsCAD Flexible Licencing

Permanent or subscription licenses that work in all languages, in all regions -- it's your choice.

Don Strimbu

door Don Strimbu

Don is the BricsCAD Core Product Manager at Bricsys. He has spent 2/3rds of his life in the CAD industry. Don is a huge fan of (truly usable) technology, high fidelity audio and (really) well-designed machines.

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