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IFC in BricsCAD® BIM

IFC in BricsCAD® BIM

BricsCAD BIM offers architects the possibility to add IFC data to their models. BricsCAD uses industry standard, open file types which means that you can share BIM data with everyone working on a project, even if they are using different software.

Automatic BIM

QUICKDRAW automatically adds basic data such as internal and external walls, columns, slabs, floors, etc.

BIMify intelligently computes floors and rooms. You can change the assigned data of an entity in the Properties panel.

BIMWINDOWCREATE creates windows from any 2D boundary and adds basic IFC data. If the Quad is turned on, simply hover over a boundary and select BIMWINDOWCREATE.

BIMCLASSIFY automatically converts elements to blocks, walls slabs, etc.

Our standard Component Parts come with BIM data already applied.

Classification data

Classification is geometric data. It defines things such as blocks, walls slabs, etc. It also covers details like floor level (story) and fire rating. Once attached the information is displayed in the Properties panel and the Structures panel.

Use the Quad to assign classification data; wall, beam, door, rail, etc.

IFC in BricsCAD® BIM- qad

Or use Bimclassify or Classify Manually, in the Ribbon to change assigned classification data.

IFC in BricsCAD® BIM- classify menue

Composition data

Simply drag and drop composition data onto your model from the BIM Compositions panel. You can pre-select the elements that you wish to be classified and apply data to multiple items at the same time.

Or select Attach Composition from the ribbon and then select the entities to attach the composition data to. Enter the dialog box and choose from a large number of preset and fully customizable compositions. For this demonstration, I have chosen Cavity Wall, Brick, Gypsum. Each aspect is fully customizable in the compositions editor. You can find out more information here.

IFC in BricsCAD® BIM- compositions-box

Finally, you can make the compositions match another element by choosing the entities option and then selecting an entity that already has the composition data correctly assigned. All other elements will be changed to match.

IFC in BricsCAD® BIM- wall-1024x577

A green widget will allow you to dictate the direction of the composition.

Visualizing your data

You can toggle composition as show or hide on all entities or just specific items. To get the full visual you'll need to download the materials. Enter the Render panel and double click the blue arrow to download a wide range of standard materials or, create your own. Read more about materials here.

Edit IFC data

IFC in BricsCAD® BIM- window matterial-1024x575

In the properties panel the window properties are currently being edited.

Use the Properties panel to add and modify IFC data. Add information such as; acoustic properties, fire resistance, window thickness.

Completely certified

IFC in BricsCAD® BIM- bricsys buildingsmart-900x500-1Best of all Bricsys is a member of Building Smart. This means that BricsCAD works on an open BIM format. All IFC data created in BricsCAD can be shared across platforms. It is also fully certified so you can be sure you're using real, industry standard BIM data every time.

BricsCAD BIM & Bricsys 24/7 have been approved as a pre-approved BIM software vendor for the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Government is funding HKD 1 billion (€10million) to upgrade the Construction Industry including technology, software, hardware, and training. Details of the program can be found here.

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