Curtain walls in BricsCAD® BIM

Door Rose Barfield 3 min 3 januari 2019
Curtain walls in BricsCAD® BIM

Allow me to introduce you to CurtainWall, a clever little tool, introduced for BricsCAD BIM V19 that automates Curtain Wal creation. Ideal for anyone that's ever thought that ceilings like the Cabot Circus Roof, Broadmead, Bristol, were really cool, but didn't fancy doing complex maths!

Curtain walls in BricsCAD<sup>®</sup> BIM- Bristol MMB P2 Cabot Circus-1024x768


What is BIM Curtain Wall?

BIMCURTAINWALL allows users to create curtain walls with planar and quad panels from nearly any surface. It was first demoed at Bricsys 2018.

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BricsCAD's Curtain wall tool first creates a grid, each cell is then converted into a glass panel. The grid points are coplanar which means that each glass panel is flat. It is, therefore, possible to create some highly complex forms with relatively simple, flat panels.

Curtain walls in BricsCAD<sup>®</sup> BIM- curtainwall

From lofted surface to curtainwall, in just a few clicks

Use the BIMCURTAINWALL command and select a face. The curtain wall command creates a grid along the surface with U and V coordinates. The number of U and V divides is completely customizable by number or by length. Switch on Dynamic Dimensions (DYN) to change the length from the DYN fields.

Curtain walls in BricsCAD<sup>®</sup> BIM- 2-1024x651

Dynamic Dimensions to control length precisely

The frame, tolerance, width, depth and glass thickness are all fully customizable. At junction points you have the option to create mitered or smooth joints.

Curtain walls in BricsCAD<sup>®</sup> BIM- joints

Choose mitered or smooth joints.

The direction of the glass panels is displayed by little "rods". Personally, I think it makes all my designs look a bit like a hedgehog, which I rather enjoy. Click the widget to change direction.

Curtain walls in BricsCAD<sup>®</sup> BIM- 3-1024x575

The blue rods indicate the direction of the paneling.

Click, click, click, it's really as simple as that!

The possibilities of shape are really mind-blowing. Here are just a few of the examples I managed to create:

Curtain walls in BricsCAD<sup>®</sup> BIM- universe-1024x440

Just some of the many shapes that can be created with BIMCURTAINWALL.

BIMCURTAINWALL uses AI to maximize efficiency in your design, working out the most effective use of materials and connection points, so you don't have to.

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