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4 Reasons Good Writing Skills Are Still Important For CAD Engineers

Door Amanda Dudley 4 min 11 juli 2021
4 Reasons Good Writing Skills Are Still Important For CAD Engineers

Engineering is a lucrative job, which is a fact that many can testify to. If you are on your way to becoming a CAD engineer, you are in a competitive field. However, knowing design concepts is no longer enough to succeed as a design engineer in the 21st century.

Since the '60s, writing has been relevant in engineering, and today, it is even more vital for all things business related. These days, we have people with impressive engineering expertise at the helm of engineering outfits. Luckily, technical writing helps such professionals explain concepts to other stakeholders, and it is fast becoming a necessary skill for CAD engineers to have.

But why is writing important in CAD, especially since it is a soft skill in the industry? Let's find that out.

Importance of writing for CAD engineers

The reason why writing is essential to engineers differs based on the role, company, and the individual. So let's find out why you need this soft skill to make headway as a CAD engineer.

1. Writing increases your chances of landing a dream job

Sometimes, even with the highest grade in school and multiple degrees, you may still not get a job if you don't position yourself as an asset. Superb writing skills can help you write a convincing application and cover letter. They will enable you to sell yourself professionally and help you outline what companies stand to gain by employing you.

Additionally, HR experts claim that it takes approximately three minutes for employees to make a hiring decision. The quality of a cover letter and the writing style can greatly influence their hiring decision. So, if you think that writing should be left to the arts, think again.

2. Writing skills give you a global voice

In the world of content creation, where everyone wants to have a digital voice, it isn't uncommon to see many CAD engineers create public forums to discuss their ideas with other professionals and regular people. It is a fulfilling pastime for some and an extra source of income for others. In fact, many design experts have used online channels to give non-technical folks a glimpse into their world.

However, you cannot successfully create an online community if you can't express industry terms through writing. Proper grammar and spelling are of utmost importance when making posts on your blog, especially when your readers are new to computer-aided designs. If your writing skills are top-notch, you will create engaging content that readers can understand. Over time, such skills will help position yourself as an expert and authority in the industry.

3. The art of writing facilitates communication with other teams at work

At some point in history, some people decided they'd change the way we communicate by using design and engineering to invent the first computers. These days, most of the conversations between individuals and teams are digital. The nature of the work of CAD engineers requires that they relay information to and from other units at their workplaces, and the clarity of this information is paramount to ensuring project success.

Writing in engineering isn't only necessary when working on new projects; you'll also need it for product descriptions and explaining your MVP to stakeholders. Having excellent writing skills will make it easy for you as an engineer to work with other departments, such as the marketing and sales unit. Without your clear input, they could struggle to create compelling copies, and company sales are likely to suffer.

4. Writing helps you present convincing arguments to management when in need of resources

If you want to pause a project or request additional funds, it may not be easy to make non-experts understand your reasons. In such a situation, good writing skills are essential because your articulation can carry stakeholders along even if they aren't experts in the field. More so, a well-written piece can convince management that you are making progress and need extra resources to succeed.

Furthermore, as a CAD engineer, handwriting may not seem like such a big deal to you, but it's essential to your audience as it affects the clarity of your message. You may have to send handwritten notes across now and then, so don't forget to work on making your handwriting legible while improving your writing skills.


Writing is an essential soft skill for CAD engineers, which can help them make complex design concepts more straightforward. It can also come in handy for newbies in the industry and entry-level engineers looking for their big break. So, while honing your design and analytical skills, also work on your technical and creative writing skills if you want to stand out in the industry.

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