BricsCAD BIM en CADworx combineren voor plant ontwerp

De Fourth Research and Design Engineering Corporation van CNNC vertrouwt op BricsCAD BIM met CADWorx voor complexe 3D pipeline ontwerpen.

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One platform for 3D design
The most extensive research and design unit of the CNNC, named the Fourth Research and Design Engineering Corporation, is the first and the largest metallurgical design unit established by New China. It includes the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Research and Design Institute Department that focuses on the entire industrial chain of pharmaceutical and chemical projects. The department relies on BricsCAD BIM with CADWorx for complex 3D pipeline designs.

Mr. KANG Jia leads 3D design within the department and aims to realize the multi-disciplinary 3D collaborative design on projects. He commented: “Our business scope covers engineering consulting, engineering design, engineering management and technology development. We are one of the four state-owned design institutes in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, with projects covering 31 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions. Pharmaceutical and chemical design projects include various specialties, especially complex pipeline design. BIM and Plant are required to integrate well. BricsCAD is perfectly compatible with CADWorx and meets our design needs.”

Multi-discipline collaboration
Multi-discipline collaboration is an essential aspect of medical project design. The Pharmaceutical and Chemical Research and Design Institute Department found that previous BIM software was not compatible with the necessary Plant solutions. Jia clarified: “When we used other BIM software, we found that its compatibility with Plant software could not meet our design needs. The barriers between different software caused difficulties in professional collaboration, and the post-design period's workload increased significantly.”

The Fourth Research and Design Engineering Corporation of CNNC switched over to BricsCAD since it allowed them to integrate all 3D designs within a single platform. "The BricsCAD multi-discipline compatibility is an advantage that attracts me the most," added Jia. "It solves our long-standing problems. BricsCAD runs fast, integrates 2D and 3D design, provides good compatibility, permanent licensing and world-class technical support."

Usage of BricsCAD BIM with CADWorx
The company uses BricsCAD BIM combined with CADWorx, a design software by Hexagon that offers tools for efficient Plant Design. Jia explained: “BricsCAD can complete multi-disciplinary collaborative design of process piping, architecture, structure, HVAC, water supply drainage and electricity. It also integrates the CADWorx module to complete the process of pipeline modeling. BricsCAD realizes an efficient integration of BIM and Plant. This advantage caters well to the needs of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and makes up for the industry vacancy.”

Jia sheds light on a project they just completed for a large domestic pharmaceutical group: “We used BricsCAD in a pharmaceutical and chemical project. The owner had high requirements for the construction period and the 3D design quality. The use of BricsCAD improved the speed of the project's collaborative design and met the customers' requirements for the project timing. This efficient collaboration also improved the design quality and reduced the workload in the later stage of the design.”

“I am very grateful to the technical team of Hexagon PPM China for providing technical support for our use of BricsCAD," Jia concluded. "BricsCAD has solved our problems in the 3D design of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. I am confident that our project team can complete more projects and complex design tasks with BricsCAD.”

  • Regio: China
  • Branches: Pharmaceutical and Chemical
  • Bedrijfsnaam: The Fourth Research and Design Engineering Corporation of CNNC