• Catari Indústria S.A.

Catari integreert PON CAD met BricsCAD voor steigerontwerp

Catari gebruikt de krachtige directe modelleringsfunctionaliteit van BricsCAD om steigerontwerpen te maken, waardoor kosten verder worden verlaagd en tijd wordt bespaard met BricsCAD.

For over 40 years, Catari Indústria S.A. of Portugal has designed and manufactured metal scaffolding solutions. They use about 15 seats of BricsCAD Pro in their design department. They also use PON CAD, a BricsCAD BRX application that is built by MEC CAD of Udine, Italy. PON CAD adds 3D scaffolding design workflows to BricsCAD Pro and Platinum.

From the company’s headquarters in Vale de Cambra, Project Engineer Marcelo Magalhães designs, analyzes, and creates cost estimates for scaffolding projects.

Marcelo sheds light on the use of BricsCAD within their organization: “We use BricsCAD along all of our project processes, starting with reading the files that we get from our clients to developing 3D models, which we use to insert our scaffolding models on. For these scaffolding models, we use the 3D modeling functions of BricsCAD. In addition, BricsCAD is used to convert and export DWG files to other formats, to be used in structural analysis calculations.”

BricsCAD’s biggest impacts for Catari’s users are the 3D modeling functionality and the integration of PON CAD, for scaffolding design and cost estimation. “We use all of the 3D modeling functions of BricsCAD, which are of great help in our kind of work. PON CAD runs on BricsCAD, one of the two platforms that can run it, and this is really a must for us.” commented Marcelo.

The pricing and type of licensing are also of importance for Catari. Marcelo explains, “Since the moment we tested the trial versions, we verified that BricsCAD had the same potential, and is less expensive than other CAD software. For us, it is important to own a product and we save a lot of time and money on projects now that we rely on BricsCAD.”

Catari Indústria S.A. found the transition to BricsCAD quite effortless since BricsCAD offers all the possibilities of the most widely distributed CAD software, but in a faster and more intuitive way. Marcelo concluded: “It’s rewarding for me to see all the improvements in our department. It’s very good for the company as a whole.”

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