12 augustus 2022 5 min

BricsCAD: Freedom for the DWG Community

Every proprietary CAD system has an interface to at least read DWG files that work within their proprietary file format, and this where the problem starts. Moving to a proprietary format means losing the freedom of easily sharing data with anyone else needing it in DWG. Patrick Burgun explores how Bricsys solves these issues in an article orginally posted in DWG Community Magazine.

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31 mei 2022 7 min

Wat de toekomst inhoudt voor Bricsys in de regio Azië-Pacific

Op de blog van vandaag, zullen we het uitbreiden van Bricsys wereldwijde voetafdruk te verkennen. In het bijzonder zullen we een diepe duik nemen in de aanwezigheid van het bedrijf in de Asia Pacific (APAC) regio, begeleid door Pat Williams, Bricsys 'Vice President of Sales voor Noord-Amerika en APAC. We maken kennis met Pat, ontdekken trends op het gebied van computer-aided design (CAD) in APAC en komen te weten hoe BricsCAD de weg baant voor groei en innovatie in de regio.

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27 april 2022 4 min

Meet the team that makes Bricsys - Alan Espinoza

As a native Floridian I grew up with all sorts of interesting career opportunities around me. With theme parks in my backyard and Kennedy Space Center just down the road, it was easy to get lost in potential careers such as lead roller coaster engineer or space station designer...

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7 min

Becoming a Bricsys Partner

Since 2017 Bricsys has quadrupled in size, and our partners have grown their businesses exponentially together with us.

Have you ever wondered what becoming a Bricsys reseller could look like for you? What benefits would you get, where would you fit within the Bricsys ecosystem, and how would we support you to success? In this blog post, we answer these questions and introduce you to our award-winning premium and elite partners.

13 april 2022 3 min

An Implementation Consultant’s view of BricsCAD in the BIM World

If you have ever discussed French wine, the one word that always stands out is ‘Terroir’... During my recent visit to BIM World, I spent some time roaming the show floor trying to decipher what was on offer. The one word that stood out was ‘BIM’.

So, let’s look at Terroir and see how we might approach the design of a winery using some BIM principles and, of course, BricsCAD!

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