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7 oktober 2019 7 min

CAD Managers’ Corner – LISP Concepts for Easy Migration

In our last post, we talked about automatically loading a standardized profile at BricsCAD® startup so all users would see the same CUI interface and have the same configuration folders for external files and peripherals like printers/plotters. Whilst this is certainly a good start to achieving overall consistency, there are other issues that can come into play – particularly if you are migrating users from other CAD systems to BricsCAD.

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6 oktober 2019 5 min

CAD Managers’ Corner – BricsCAD® Network Installation Mechanics – Part 2

In our Part 1, we talked about automating the installation of BricsCAD using a variety of
command line switches to assist in deploying large quantities of seats. Yet installing the
software is only part of the startup effort since you’ll certainly want to have a standardized
profile that is customized to your unique environment. The good news here is that
BricsCAD makes the process easy if you know a few key pieces of information.

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1 oktober 2019 5 min

CAD Managers’ Corner – Preparing for Implementation – Part 1

In our last CAD Managers Corner post, we talked about how a company considering moving to BricsCAD could use a stepwise approach towards adoption. Those three steps: financial analysis, user familiarity, and demonstrating the ease of use, are an excellent way to start the process. But now let’s go a little deeper into the process and consider the technical steps a company would need to take to prepare for BricsCAD implementation.

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30 september 2019 5 min

CAD Managers’ Corner – Three Steps to BricsCAD Adoption

In our first 5 posts in CAD Managers Corner, we’ve outlined a chronological approach to implementing BricsCAD while training your users to become productive as quickly and easily as possible. These posts assume that management has chosen to go to BricsCAD already. But what if that were not the case?  How would a company that is only considering a move to BricsCAD be convinced to make the adoption?

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